ANDThe Puerto Rican base of Movistar Estudiantes, JJ Barea, scored ten points in extra time and led the victory of Jota Cuspinera’s team by 97-85 on Monday against a depleted MoraBanc Andorra on the twenty-eighth day of the Endesa Basketball League.

The former NBA player, who finished with 20 points, 7 assists and a PIR of 20, had a nice duel with American point guard Clevin Hannah that ended with 29 points, 9 assists and a PIR of 37.

MoraBanc faced the match with only eight ‘healthy’ players, but was able to force extra time, in which they conceded a 17-5 run.

Movistar Estudiantes marked territory as soon as the game started with a 20-4 run in the first seven minutes. Those of Jota Cuspinera had an inspired Alec Brown (3 of 3 in triples) and the direction of JJ Barea was decisive for this set. Ibon Navarro, who was facing the game with only eight players available, woke up gritting his teeth in defense and with a partial 2-10 they managed to make up the electronic before the break with him for 22 to 14. JJ Barea went to the bench with discomfort muscular.

The students returned to dominate the game early in the second quarter. Those of Jota Cuspinera, with a fairly wide offensive flow, again took a comfortable lead on the scoreboard with a 2 + 1 from Víctor Arteaga to place 30-17.

From then on, MoraBanc’s best player, Clevin Hannah, appeared. The American base with a Senegalese passport wore stripes. He had only scored 2 points in the first quarter and scored 14 more to lead the Andorran reaction. Furthermore, Hannah perfectly understood ‘Tunde’ Olumuyiwa.

The Sierra Leone center scored 10 consecutive points and those of Ibon Navarro came close to 4 points (44 to 40).

Hannah’s triple ended the second quarter to make it 46 to 43. The New York point guard went to the locker room with 16 points, with 1 of 1 in shots of 2, 4 of 5 in triples -all scored in the second quarter- and 2 of 2 in free throws with five assists for a PIR of 21. On the student side, Adams Sola stood out with 8 points, his best record in the Endesa League.

Clevin Hannah’s monologue continued into the third quarter. The point guard started with a triple and an assist to Parakhouski to tie the game at 48. Ibon Navarro’s men managed to get ahead for the first time in the electronic score with 51-52, but the Andorran coach decided to rest Hannah and Movistar Estudiantes managed to dominate again with Avramovic’s success for 59-54 at 3’20 “to end the third period.

Those of Jota Cuspinera resisted, without being very successful in attack, and managed to finish the third quarter with +4 (66 to 62).

Four consecutive points from Jeremy Senglin, at the start of the last quarter, triggered the activation of Movistar Estudiantes. From 66 to 66 he went with three points from Djurisic and Roberson and two points from Avramovic to 74 to 68 for a partial of 8 to 2 with 5’46 “to finish the game.

Madrid wasted up to six points ahead and those of the Principality, with a stellar Clevin Hannah, forced extra time (80 to 80) with five consecutive points from the international point guard for Senegal. Roberson missed the triple that would have prevented overtime.

The Puerto Rican point guard of Movistar Estudiantes, JJ Barea, led his team in overtime with 10 points – two triples, two free throws and an inning – to put 92 at 83 at 1’20 “to end extra time. it went from 17 to 5 with a JJ Barea as leader.

Data sheet:

97 – Movistar Students (22 + 24 + 20 + 14 + 17): JJ Barea (20), Avramovic (12), Edgar Vicedo (3), Alec Brown (9) and Ángel Delgado (10) -the starting five-, Djurisic (5), Jackson (2), Adams Sola (9), Víctor Arteaga (14) and Roberson (13).

85 – BC MoraBanc Andorra (14 + 29 + 19 + 18 + 5): Hannah (29), Jelínek (10), Oriol Paulí (10), Bandja Sy (2) and ‘Tunde’ (17) -titling quintet-, Sergi García (3), Parakhouski (7) and Senglin (7).

Referees: Emilio Pérez, Arnau Padrós and Cristóbal Sánchez. Eliminated by five personal fouls Jelínek -BC MoraBanc-.

Incidents: Match of the 28th round of the Endesa League played at the WiZink Center in Madrid. No audience.

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