ANDhe Real Madrid is right now such a fragile and weak team that it can lose against anyone, even against other teams in crisis like the baskonia. The team from Vitoria dug into the white wound by winning at the WiZink, 72-80, in a match between two half teams between needy and depressed. Spahija’s men leave Madrid with the improved image of other games but with the victory that had eluded them.

Madrid crashed again against the wall that has been in its way for three months. Bad outside shot (4 of 24 in triples), little or nothing generating play from outsiders to insiders and less use of the advantage in the paint.

The 8-0 with which the match began for the locals was a mirage. The baskonia managed to straighten the course with the first scoring festival of Matt Costello.

Madrid improved with the entry of Heurtel by Williams-Goss because the French knew how to connect better with Tavares and found better shooting positions. those of lasso they controlled the game and went into the break with an advantage, 38-29.

Data sheet

  • 72 – Real Madrid (16+22+16+18): Williams-Goss (4), Abalde (2), Deck (8), Yabusele (5) and Tavares (16) -starting quintet-, Randolph (4), Heurtel (9), Rudy Fernández (8), Llull (6), Hanga (5), Poirier (2) and Taylor (3).
  • 80 – Bitci Baskonia (14+15+28+23): Baldwin (11), Giedraitis (7), Fontecchio (11), Peters (8) and Costello (13) -initial five-, Sedekerskis (4), Raieste ( -), Enoch (17), Granger (9), Marinkovic (-) and Kurucs (-).

Laso insisted with Williams-Gossto which nothing comes out, and between Baldwin and Granger They downplayed him. The Whites, who had been 10 points ahead in the second quarter, suddenly found themselves behind on the scoreboard, 51-55, and couldn’t find solutions.

nor with Heurtel Madrid played fluidly on the court. Quite the opposite of Baskonia, who took advantage of the fact that Granger had the day inspired to give him command of the match. The Uruguayan found in each play Costello oa Enoch that became, inside and out, a nightmare for Madrid. He also joined the party Fontecchio with very good minutes.

Although it was difficult for him to close the match baskonia (in Tel Aviv and Belgrade that cost them two defeats), in the end Madrid’s little success served for the Vitorians to take a victory that, at this point of crisis, is worth their but in gold.

Madrid, with only 48 points at stake (24 were from free throws), adds its fourth straight loss at home in Endesa League. What used to be a fort has become a bargain for rivals. He continues to lead because he has played more games than Barça, but he cannot ignore that the team is mired in a deep crisis of play and results of which, for the moment, the end is not in sight.