ANDl Baskonia he broke free from the slab of four consecutive defeats that he had dragged on since September 24, imposing with ease and forcefulness the Obradoiro by 91-70 in the last match of the fifth day of Endesa League. The Vitorians started with 10-2 in the first 3 minutes and were continuously increasing their advantage until the match was practically decided in the intermission (47-29). All the flaws that the Baskonia had shown in the last games – lack of success in the triple, rebound, losses – they were corrected until achieving the widest victory of the season. The Vitorians signed a 14/25 from the triple, compared to 5/31 for the Galicians.

With Costello and Fontecchio like spearheads, Baskonia started with great success in the first minutes. 6 points from the North American and 5 from the Italian placed a 14-5 at 4 minutes, forcing the first time-out for Obradoiro. TOAlthough the Galicians reduced local production somewhatHis poor aim from the outside allowed Baskonia to continue opening the gap, this time led by Nnoko -8 consecutive points- and Marinkovic -two triples-, to close the first quarter with a clear advantage (28-9).

The Obradoiro turned to Birutis to try to build the comeback, but his scoring and offensive rebounds weren’t enough to cut the lead. Those of Ivanovic, taking advantage of the speed of Baldwin IV, they began to find easy points in transition and shot the difference to double their rival (42-20, min.17) after 5 consecutive points from the point guard. The appearance of Beliauskas avoided further punishment, reaching the interval with a clear 47 to 29 for the locals.

Two three-pointers by Fontecchio as soon as they left the dressing room again widened the difference until the twenties, and although the Italian ended up on the bench after receiving a technique – his fourth personal – Baskonia found the perfect replacement in the figure of Giedraitis (58- 34, min 24). Moncho Fernández and his family still couldn’t find the right key, drowning in attack due to lack of success from long range. With the free kick as almost the only source of annotation, Obradoiro continued to fade before the rival superiority (74-49, min.30).

Seven consecutive points of Ellenson somewhat alleviated the Galician attack, although Granger responded forcefully from the triple (82-56, min. 33). With no doubt about the name of the winning team, Obradoiro kept pushing and managed to slightly reduce the disadvantage to 18 points (85-67, min. 37). Baldwin, author of the last 6 points for the Baskonians, allowed Baskonia to close the match with a score of advantage (91-70).

Data sheet:

91 – Baskonia (28 + 19 + 27 + 17): Granger (14), Giedraitis (16), Fontecchio (12), Costello (8) and Nnoko (12) -starting five-, Marinkovic (11), Enoch (2), Baldwin (14), Sedekerskis (2), Kurucs (-) and Barrier (-).

70 – Monbus Obradoiro (9 + 20 + 20 + 21): Hobbs (-), Scrubb (4), Beliauskas (17), Álex Suárez (8), and Birutis (14) -starting five-, Zurbriggen (10), Ellenson (12), Robertson (3), Oliver (-) , Muñoz (2), Filipovity (-) and Okouo (-).