Assessment of the 20/21 Season, marked by Covid-19.

In relation to the 20/21 season, the Board of Directors wanted to highlight the work carried out by the Club with the training categories in an environment as complicated as the pandemic, being the first club in the city to reactivate the activity during the August 2020, complying with very demanding health requirements, which involved a great effort on the part of all the coaches and the Club staff, in addition to the consequent increase in costs derived from the aforementioned requirements.

In the chapter on activities organized by the Club, it became clear that it was a very complicated year, since only two activities could be organized during the summer, the traditional Milenium Campus and the first edition of the Beka Burjanadje Campus. In both cases, the places were limited by the health situation and the requirements for their celebration meant the assumption of very relevant costs by the Club.

In relation to the LEB ORO team, the Council was very satisfied with the third place achieved in sport, considering all the difficulties that arose with injuries throughout the season, which forced them to sign several players in the middle of the season.

From a financial point of view, the situation of the club without financial debt was highlighted and the financial result for the year was considered a success, given the circumstances caused by the pandemic. At this point, the role of private sponsors who really supported the Club in one of the most difficult years for any sporting entity was thanked and highlighted.

LEB Gold Team Budget Season 21/22.

The total budget of expenses of the LEB Oro team corresponding to the 21/22 season amounts to a total of 925,435 euros, an amount that includes the allocation of general expenses of the club (represents an increase of 8% compared to the budget of last season ). The following table shows the composition of expenses by nature (figures shown in euros):

Wages and salaries

Social Security

Accommodation and agents

Spanish Federation


Organization Parties and Others



Includes the cost of players and members of the coaching staff.

Approval of the items on the Meeting’s Agenda.

Before the end of the Meeting, the items on the agenda were submitted to a vote by the shareholders present, thus approving the annual accounts corresponding to the last season ended on June 30, 2021 and which have been audited by the firm KPMG, which issued a favorable opinion on them. The negative results for the year amounted to 14,381 euros and it was agreed to apply them to results from previous years. Likewise, the management of the Board of Directors was approved during the past year. All the points were approved unanimously by the shareholders present.