Bàsquet Girona will carry out actions to promote three of the sustainable development goals, known by the acronym SDG, promoted by the UN. The club will start with the sixteenth objective that promotes solid institutions that favor justice and peace due to the current situation of the war in Ukraine. The SDGs are seventeen goals promoted by the UN that promote actions to defend human rights and the preservation of the natural environment in which we live. A humanity in peace, a world without hunger, quality education, gender equality or the preservation of the environment are some of the objectives they propose. Basketball Girona will act in the seventh, thirteenth and sixteenth goal. The first of the three encourages the consumption of affordable and non-polluting energy.

The second promotes climate action and well-being. The third stands for peace, justice, and strong government institutions. The first action that the club will carry out will be in this Sunday’s game in Fontajau (12:15 p.m.) in which the first team will wear a black game shirt with the ODS logo on the front. During the break, the casteller group Marrecs de Salt will extend one in favor of the objective that promotes peace, justice and solid institutions.

The club will carry out this joint action with Cáritas, the Red Cross and Central Kitchen, entities that promote activities to help those affected by the war. These contributions can be made through the club’s website and the official application.