Palmer Alma Mediterránea Palma has now fully closed its squad after closing the incorporation of Bautista Lugarini, an Argentine player born on June 31, 2001 in San Nicolás, Buenos Aires. Lugarini, a forward, who can also act as a pivot, stands 2.03 meters tall, has been working for several months with the Palmer Alma Mediterránea Palma coaching staff and is in the final stretch of recovering from a knee injury That, yes, will not prevent him from being under the command of Pau Tomàs and Álex Pérez once the official season in the LEB Oro begins.

Lugarini began his career in the Weber Bahía of the Argentine league participating in the 2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons in a testimonial way, the 2019-20 season being the one of his real explosion as a player of the Argentine team in which he shared a dressing room with Fausto Ruesga , player on loan from Morabanc Andorra to Palmer Alma Mediterránea Palma this season. In that season, Bautista Lugarini played a total of 16 games with an average of 18.2 minutes per game in which he scored 5.2 points, captured 3.2 rebounds and distributed 0.9 assists.
Last season, Lugarini proved to be an important player for Bahia, participating in a total of 38 games with an average of 25.6 minutes per game in which he scored, on average, 9.8 points, captured five rebounds and distributed 2.6 assists.

Those good numbers have also earned him the call of the Argentine team with which he has participated in some of the FIBA ??windows and has also participated in the lower categories of the albiceleste being a player to continue defending the colors of his selection.

Now, Lugarini arrives in Spain ready to continue progressing in his more than promising career under the orders of Álex Pérez and Pau Tomàs. “He is just recovering from a knee injury.

He has been working with us all summer and as soon as he is recovered, he is sure to help us a lot in training and in games ”, explains Pau Tomàs, who points out that“ Bauti is a power forward who plays very well in 1 against 1 and he has a good outside shot and, in addition, he can help us when it comes to getting physical and rebounding and giving our game more agility ”.

With the incorporation of Bautista Lugarini, Palmer Alma Mediterránea Palma definitively closes the squad with which it will compete in the 2021-22 season, thus counting on Pol Figueras, Milan Suskavcevic and Olle Lundqvist as players who remain in the team with respect to that of last season together with a Joan Feliu who is promoted from the subsidiary to the first team and who, after debuting in the LEB Oro last season, will have his first experience this year in the second category of Spanish basketball for all purposes.

These four players are joined by the additions of Marc Peñarroya, Fausto Ruesga, Máximo Fjellerup, Kostas Kostadinov, Víctor Moreno, Joel Kanyinda, Amadi Ikpeze and Bautista Lugarini himself, thus conforming to the squad with which the Palma team hopes to make their team vibrate. fans at the Palau d’Esports de Son Moix.