ANDhe Baxi Manresa will reach the Copa del Rey in high spirits after placidly defeating Casademont Zaragoza (94-73) this Saturday, in an Endesa League match that the Catalan team dominated at all times and was sentenced to rest (40-25).

The team coached by Pedro Martínez had shooting guard Joe Thomasson (15 points) and point guard Sylvain Francisco (14 points) as their offensive references, while point guard Jordan Bone (16 points) and point guard Jordan Bone (16 points) and shooting guard Matt Mobley (17 points).

After a fairly even first quarter (17-15), the Catalan team took advantage in the second period with a 23-10 run built on the success of the team from the 6.75 line, with 6 triples converted in 10 attempts by the 1 of 9 of Casademont Zaragoza in this record.

The Catalan team held the advantage in the third quarter (66-50) and took advantage of the disorder of a desperate rival in search of the epic to extend the lead on the scoreboard until the final 94-73.

More aggressive on both sides of the court, Baxi Manresa quickly broke away on the scoreboard (8-2, min.4) although they lacked accuracy in shooting to optimize their great defensive performance, which forced Casademont Zaragoza to shoot from positions uncomfortable about the limit of possession.

The talent of veteran point guard Omar Cook and the struggle under the board of power forward Hans Vanwijn, with four points each in the opening quarter, mitigated the offensive shortcomings of the Aragonese team, without answers to the energy of power forward Chima Moneke, Author of four points and two steals in the first act (17-10, min.8).

Although Baxi Manresa’s exterior error allowed the Aragonese team to close the gap at the end of the opening quarter (17-15), four triples by Sylvain Francisco, Dani García, Elias Valtonen and Luke Maye at the beginning of the second period opened up a new maximum advantage in favor of Bages (29-15, min.13).

Casademont Zaragoza took almost five minutes to score the first basket of the second quarter, an unlikely triple by forward Santi Yusta, but Baxi Manresa responded with the same medicine thanks to six consecutive points by shooting guard Joe Thomasson (37-18, min.17 ).

The defensive improvement of the hand team, together with the offensive contribution in the low post of center Tryggvi Hlinason, tightened the contest but Maye’s third triple without error, top scorer at halftime with 9 points, strengthened Baxi Manresa’s advantage (40- 25, min.20).

Baxi Manresa dispelled any hint of relaxation after the restart, with a mate from center Ismael Bako and another basket from Moneke after the stopper from forward Jaumpi Vaulet, and opened a section of basket exchange from which he emerged the winner (60-41, min .25).

Despite closing the third quarter with a favorable run of 6-9, Casademont Zaragoza was weighed down by their inability to contain Baxi Manresa’s attack (66-50).

The disqualification in the 32nd minute of Jordan Bone, after being penalized with the second unsportsmanlike foul, left the visiting team without their offensive beacon, but even so, a Baxi Manresa much more aggressive in defense and devastating in transition did not slow down (76-54 , min.33).

The offensive irruption of point guard Sylvain Francisco (14 points, 11 in the last quarter) ended up consolidating the advantage of a Baxi Manresa that will reach the Copa del Rey with very high morale after achieving a comfortable and resounding victory (94-73) .

Data sheet:

94- Baxi Manresa (17+23+26+28): Dani Pérez (5), Thomasson (15), Vaulet (7), Moneke (13), Bako (7) -initial team- Dani García (5), Valtonen (9), Maye (12), Francisco (14), Rafa Martínez (-), Steinbergs (2) and Sima (5).

73- Casademont Zaragoza (15+10+25+23): Cook (4), Mobley (17), Yusta (5), Radoncic (2), Thompson (5)- starting team- Bone (16), Hlinason (13), San Miguel (-), Vanwijn (6), Font (2) and Waczynski (3).

Referees: Carlos Cortes, Alberto Sanchez Sixto and Carlos Merino. Visitor Jordan Bone was disqualified with two unsportsmanlike fouls (min.32).

Incidents: Match of the twenty-second day of the Endesa League played at the Nou Congost in Manresa in front of 4,094 spectators.