ANDn a match in which quality was conspicuous by its absence, the BAXI Manresa knew how to handle itself better in the mud of error that flooded its semifinal, defeated German MHP Riesen (55-63) and qualified to play the final this Sunday (8:00 p.m.), in which they will face Lenovo Tenerife in search of his first European title.

Chima Moneke, the best of BAXI Manresa, celebrates a basket.
Chima Moneke, the best of BAXI Manresa, celebrates a basket.FIBA PHOTO

Inside of the overall lackluster tone of the meetingonly a handful of players contributed any sanity. Jankuba Sima (15+4) and Chima Moneke (13+13) kept Manresa alive in chaos (15-20, min 9). JustIn Simon (18+5), the only one who was saved from the German grotesque, made his people restless in the second act (33-28, min 17).

Sima arreones and Moneke lace

But after the break arreones of Sima and a triple of Maye they wobbled the Riesen (44-52, min 29), to which Monek gave the finishing touch in a last room worthy of entering the museum of horrors (6-8) but in which Pedro Martínez’s men certified their victory, the only important thing.


The start of the match was disconcerting for both teams. The nerves left the outside shot without effect and the baskets fell with droppers (8-10, min 7). Six of those first 10 points of the Manresa they were matte Later Moneke, Sima and Thomasson They distanced something from those of Pedro Martínez (15-20, min 9).

Only Justin Simon saved German honor

then emerged justin simon to breathe air and a lot of points into his team (14 at halftime) and turn the score around (33-28, min 17). The people of Manresa did not see a hoop from the perimeter (1/9 triples), vvictims of the German defense (the best in the tournament) and they bled with their losses (12). But they survived thanks to the free throws (10/15), facet in which the Riesen was shipwrecked (5/11), to level the match (35-35, min 20).


After the break, chaos returned. It seemed that both teams had forgotten to play basketball perpetrating four gruesome minutes (40-42, min 24). Groovy attacks against very permissive defenses. then appeared Chasm (15+4) to put some light on his team’s attack and Manresa demarró (44-52, min 29) after a triple by Maye, the second of his team (2/12).

Thomasson closes the win with a triple

The quality was conspicuous by its absence and the errors in attack followed one another. In that infamous position Manresa was less bad than its rival and based on tenacity he established his maximum income with two attacks from the seasoned Moneke (51-60, min 36). Simon, the best of the Germans, gave his people the last breath (55-60, min 38), con Moneke on the bench with four fouls. But thomasson he aborted that attempt at reaction with a triple (55-63, min 38). And the MHP Riesen no longer got up, drowning in his own mistakes, in a last partial for oblivion (6-8).

Data sheet:

55 – MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg (17+18+14+6): Hulls (4), Radebaugh (7), Simon (18), Cotton (6) and Happ (4) -initial five-; Woodard (6), Polas Bartolo (6), Jacob Patrick (4), Wohlfart-Bottermann, Johannes Patrick, Baehre and Herzog.

63 – BAXI Manresa (20+15+20+8): Dani Pérez (2), Thomasson (10), Vaulet (2), Moneke (13) and Bako (10) -initial five-; Francisco (8), Valtonen, Maye (3), Sima (15) and Steinbergs.

Partials: 17-20, 18-15, 14-20 and 6-8.

Incidents: Second semi-final of the Final Four of the Champions League that takes place at the Bilbao Arena in Miribilla before some 5,000 spectators. Of them, some 3,000 enthusiastic Manresa supporters.