One of the companies that from the beginning has collaborated with the gernikarra project, with women’s sports, and with the elite, has been Beotibar Recycling. Thanks to your support, the foundations have been laid for a Gernika KESB that is turning 25 years old and this is its eighth season in the top flight.

Iñigo Jalón, General Director of Beotibar Recycling, highlighted “we share the values ??that basketball represents as a team sport, from Beotibar Recycling, we have always believed in the growth of the group above individuality”.

“Growing hand in hand with a company that last year had no less than 100 years of history, is a guarantee”, commented Gerardo Candina, President of Gernika KESB, adding that “for us it is as important to get new sponsors as it is to keep those who have supported us from the beginning, such as Beotibar Recycling ”.

Pioneers in comprehensive waste management, this century-old company includes, in addition to comprehensive waste management, other services such as confidential destruction according to the LOPD of all types of information support together with environmental advice and consulting.