Bilbao Basket resists. The victory against Hereda San Pablo Burgos keeps him in the race for a salvation that still has the character of a miracle. Raising the victory count with the result of tonight in Miribilla was essential to continue believing. Although that faith in salvation is the same go through to win the two remaining games (Real Madrid and Joventut) if Estudiantes Movistar can this Friday with Hereda San Pablo Burgos. Brown (24) and Hakanson (23) were the best scorers for Bilbao Basket, but from a match that had Benite (30) as the best scorer in Miribilla.

The Miribilla duel, of the postponed day 35, began with the corridor from Bilbao Basket to Hereda San Pablo Burgos in recognition of their recent triumph in the Champions League. The gesture of honor gave way to a lopsided battle of goals. The Bilbao are fighting to avoid LEB and Burgos to take the best possible position in the playoff. It was a nervous afternoon. Normal. The start of the match made it clear: Balvin won the jump and before the first basket, which was from Burgos, Bilbao wasted two two-point shots and another pair of triples. It was clear that it was time to walk barefoot between wires.

The Bilbao Basket players made the hallway to Hereda San Pablo for ...
The Bilbao Basket players made the hallway to Hereda San Pablo for their recent European title.Miguel ToñaEFE

The first quarter had a visiting color (16-20) after those of Mumbrú were in command until 11-14. From there it went to 14-18 and there was still time for each team to score one more time. The second act maintained the same tone and Bilbao lived from the actions of a Jenkins who reached the halfway point of the clash as the top scorer on the court (11 points). Bilbao Basket was stirring and, in addition to Jenkins’s points, he clung to the work of Balvin, dominator of the rebound, and the perseverance of Serron, who did not yield despite playing impaired by physical problems. The equalized at 30 opened the way to a good quarter-final for Bilbao Basket, who achieved a 10-4 run to be the winner before the break (40-34).

Resistance box

In the choral work of Bilbao Basket, the shortage of Kjlajic struck, who in the 28 seconds he was on the track committed two personal fouls. Burgos moved in the distance at the command of Jasiel Rivero, who reached the long talk without failure in shots of two (4 of 4), 5 rebounds and 1 assist. He only had errors on the 3-pointer, not scoring after two attempts.

The boot of Bilbao Basket’s third quarter was spectacularr with a 10-3 that dislodged Burgos. The men in black galloped on the court with a 50-39 that launched them to victory. Those trained by Mumbrú were forced to manage emotions. Income continued to rise and the effectiveness of Brown and Hakanson, with 4 of 5 in triples before the fourth quarter, reached 19 points away (77-56) in a section of the game that scalding Peñarroya. To the point that the Burgos coach was expelled for technique before the last day of the set.

The dream of salvation He did not go through a final game as placid as the scoreboard announced before the last quarter. Nerves seized a Bilbao that was wasting income before a Burgos who returned to the trench and two minutes from the end lowered the lead to seven points. And when the head was shrinking the arms, Jenkins appeared to score a decisive triple, the fourteenth of those achieved by Mumbrú in the match.


Bilbao Basket (16 + 24 + 37 + 21): Brown (25), Hakanson (23), Jenkins (17), Tote (2), Kulboka (12), Reyes, Kljacic, Balvin (6), Athinaiou (7), Serron (2), Miniotes (4)

Inherit San Pablo Burgos (20 + 14 + 22 + 33): Benite (30), McFadden (11), Rivero (12), Horton (10), Renfroe (7), Kravic, Salash (2), Barrera, Salvo (8), Sakho (3), Cook, Rabaseda (6)