ANDhe Real Madrid has informed Pablo Laso, who still had one season left on his contract, which will not continue next season. A surprising decision that has been rushed in recent hours, explained in the context of the heart health mishap suffered by the coach from Vitoria in June, shakes the foundations of the basketball section, opening an unexpected crisis.

The club dispenses with the coach, who came to the position in 2011 and has given 22 titles, including the 2015 and 2018 Euroleagues, leading one of the most brilliant stages in the history of Madrid basketball. Laso is already club history. Chus Mateowho will bring forward his return from vacation and who led the team in the Endesa League final due to Laso’s medical problems, will be the new coach. Pablo, however, felt strong enough to lead the team next season, although the medical reports that the white club had advised against his continuity.

The coach from Vitoria He suffered a heart condition on June 5 that forced him to undergo a catheterization. Two days later he left the hospital and shortly after returned to training, although he did not manage any of the games from then until the end of the season. was his assistant Chus Mateo who took charge of the team in his absence and the coach who from the club wanted him to start the next course while doubts about Laso’s health were resolved.

Pablo Laso and his clinical situation

This Monday everything has rushed and Laso already knows that he will not continuesomething that was close to happening on other occasions, such as after the 2014 Endesa League final, when the coach left the Palau expelled and in a wheelchair after breaking his Achilles tendon, or in this last season as a result of the crisis of results.

The trigger has been Paul’s clinical situation, which has always been a source of discrepancy between the coach and the club since his time in the hospital on June 5. In fact, last week Dr. López was dismissed as head of the section’s medical services for refusing to process Laso’s sick leave. Now, Madrid wields reports that advise against the continuity of Pablo, who felt prepared to fulfill his contract.