ANDhe Río Breogán has decided to dispense with the coach with whom he was promoted to the Endesa League last month, Diego Epifanio.

The Breogán Board of Directors, represented by the president, vice president and general manager, met with the technician on Tuesday and informed him of the agreement they adopted to separate their paths.

The Board of Directors thanked him for his contribution to the return of the team to the top flight and for his work.

In a statement, Breogán recalls that “since the entry” of the current “board of directors in the club, a project for promotion in the short or medium term was always considered, and for this, taking into account the type of team” that could build, he understood that the “right coach was Diego Epifanio.”

“And so we did. We talked to him and finally hired him without ever looking at any other option, determined to build a common project. Once at the club, and how could it be otherwise, we supported him to the fullest during the two seasons who was with us. Even in the most difficult moments when the results were not good, “he says.

The Board of Directors of Breogán argues that it supported him “without ever doubting the continuity and stability of the coach” and “always putting all possible means at his disposal.”

“And as a result of this stability, of the excellent staff that we managed to gather, and of the joint work, we have achieved the long-awaited promotion, of which all Breoganistas should feel very proud,” he explains.

“Now we are going to start a new project in a new category and with a totally different team profile. We look forward and, in any case, we want to thank ‘Epi’ for his work and dedication during the two seasons he has spent with us, being part of the long awaited promotion and wish him the best of luck in his personal and professional future “, he concludes.

Epifanio was at the helm of the club in the LEB Oro the last two seasons and in the current year he won the Princess Cup and promotion to the Endesa League.

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