Far. Really distant is that historical first ascent of the Breogán River from the LEB Gold in a 1998/99 season in which Paco Garcia he put the Pazo at his feet in a legendary series of semifinals.

A tie against Melilla Basketball that happened two decades ago and that, however, seems to have recovered all its relevance in recent days to try to act as a motivating agent for the current Breogán River.

And it is that, the staff trained by Diego epifanio, could have in that historical year the best possible example when it comes to finding the necessary inspiration to be able to trace his series against the Covirán Granada.

The reason? The first point lost by a team that I did not have a field advantage and that he came to waste that first opportunity in the Autonomous City with two missed free throws by Kenny green already with the clock at zero and that would have served to force the extension. A defeat that seemed to put things very uphill for the people of Lugo, but that did not do anything other than spur the team on.

Thus, a few hours later, the dressing room was able to rebuild itself to equalize the series in Melilla before sealing a new victory double at home with which to end up deciding a promotion backed by the magic of David gil (1-3).

A year in which, as if that were not enough, the Lugo team had been able to go back too his series of quarter finals where the defeat in the first round against him Ourense Basketball It was not inconvenient for the team to later add three consecutive victories with which to advance to the round.

Data that would make possible the Galician comeback against Covirán Granada in a series in which, although it is true, the margin of error is already non-existent when playing the best of three games and not five as at that time.

Two new precedents over the last decade:

And as if there were few historical data that could be reached by relying on the Breogán River To believe in the comeback, the last decade left us two other moments that could help the Galician team to believe in its possibilities.

The last of them, the comeback of Ford Burgos from Andreu Casadevall before a Destination Palencia who had started strongly in his first round at home (1-0). A 2013/14 final that seemed to turn purple and that began to change its sign from a second meeting in which the Burgos were able to equalize the series to finish finishing the ascent in their fiefdom.

An event whose previous precedent was as close as what happened in the final of the previous year (2012/13) and in which the Lucentum Alicante It was peace to overcome the 1-0 of Morabanc Andorra in the Poliesportiu to finish matching a series that was resolved in his favor with the dispute of the fifth match in Andorra.

A precedent that could even motivate the Breogán River in case of a hypothetical third round at the Palacio de los Deportes next Sunday. Although, for this, there will be no other possible equation other than to win this Thursday in his fiefdom to annul the advantage of the Covirán Granada.