“The feelings are good, as always. In the beginning people are very eager, Sergio gives us a lot of information but they are things that we have already repeated in previous Windows. We train well, with enthusiasm and with a lot of desire to compete ”.

“It is never easy to play in these conditions of having only three days to prepare for the matches, as well as the trips again, because last year it was a hurbuja and it was easier in this sense, but people really want to compete and make a good performance, and I think that if we are solid we will do things well ”.

“I see young people very well, with a lot of desire. Some of those who have joined for the first time are not so young anymore, but being with new people with whom you have competed in your League and sharing things with them on the court is very good. I see the younger ones train hard, they listen, a little nervous still but making them calm down and enjoy this is also part of our job. Yesterday I approached Jaime (Pradilla) to ask him how he was because I saw him a little tense, but he is a piece of player and the one that he chains a couple of days more is going to enjoy. They are very talented players ”.

“We already know that away games are never easy, all the games I have played away have been very tough, none of them have been won easily. And the game in Jaén against Georgia … we already know what players they have, with a lot of talent and above all they have expressly asked to go to this Window, so they are going to come with a lot of desire ”.

Via Feb.es