ANDhe Hereda San Pablo Burgos won a very important victory this Sunday against Unicaja (89-74) with which he takes a step forward, clings to the chances of salvation, adds his tenth victory and comes out of relegation.

The choral play of the team from Burgos was enough for Paco Olmos’ men to add a victory that allows them to continue depending on themselves.

Data sheet

  • 89 – Inherits San Pablo Burgos (21+25+22+21): Clemmons (18), Benite (7), Rabaseda (5), Lalane (9) and Eddie (7) -starting five- Queeley (0), Salash (10), Phillip (9), Garcia (7), Renfroe (7) and Nnoko (10).
  • 74 – Unicaja (23+14+17+20): Oliver (9), Brizuela (5), Díaz (8), Kravic (7), Bouteille (22) – starting five- Fernández (2), Barreiro (-) , Mooney (12), Saint Supery (0), Guerrero (6), Nzosa (0).

Axel Bouteille was the star of the first quarter, with 15 points, helping Unicaja to go ahead on the scoreboard (21-23) against São Paulo, which was comfortable from an offensive point of view, but suffered a lot to stop the annotation of the typesetter set.

In the second quarter, Paco Olmos’ men took a step forward in defensive intensity and that allowed them to have a small advantage (30-23) while Ibon Navarro rested Bouteille and that took its toll on his team.

It was the moment in which Anthony Clemmons burst into the game and, with 14 points in a row, led his team to take an important lead before the break (46-37), in a first half in which the attacks on the defenses by both teams.

After returning to the track, San Pablo offered a good version, dominating by up to 15 points with a good contribution from the whole team and improving a lot in defense, although it was a 6-0 run that could have been decisive, as Unicaja had many problems generating play and turnovers and not dominating the rebound led them to a 14-point deficit before the last ten minutes (68-54).

Max Salash, with two triples in a row, took the distance to 20 points, an advantage with which San Pablo played this quieter quarter and gave Paco Olmos the chance to rotate thinking about Tuesday’s game against Valencia Basket.