ANDl Hereda San Pablo Burgos surprised Joventut and achieved a vital victory against Joventut (92-76) in a game in which the team from Burgos believed during the 40 minutes of the match and added the ninth of the season against a rival from the upper zone to take off the two relegation places with a victory advantage.

Vitor Benite and Dani Díez were the highlights of a match in which Joventut’s play was quite choral but they lacked that intensity and gave Burgos many second chances that turned into points.

San Pablo started low in defensive intensity while Joventut found the hoop very easily, although the Burgos stayed in the game thanks to their three-point success (8-7) and Olmos’ team increased in defensive intensity stealing balls, causing losses and taking a slight advantage (20-16) and forcing Carles Durán to stop the match.

However, that dead time by Durán did not help much and the Burgos people, in need of a victory, were better in the last minutes of the first quarter and were dominating by 5 points at halftime (26-21), largely due to minimizing their own lost the ball.

Every error made by San Pablo was taken advantage of by Joventut and in two moves the Badalona team tied the match from the triple (30-30), but the outer perimeter was also going to be an ally of the Burgos club and helped by good defenses they maintained the advantage until two baskets missed by the locals were taken advantage of by Joventut who turned the score around (40-41) and although San Pablo scored a triple again, he did not defend the last play well and was lost at halftime by the minimum ( 43-44).

The play of Carles Durán’s men was more successful in the second quarter, although they granted too many second chances to the team from Burgos.

After the break, Joventut got stuck in the game again, conceding a 6-0 run but did not finish breaking the match (49-48) although Benite and Nikolic conceded another 8-0, with u giving the maximum and waking up the Coliseum fans who enjoyed their team’s game (57-48), the result of good defensive work and rebound blocking.

The need for victory was seen in the Burgos team, but their pulse did not shake, they came to have advantages of 14 points (67-53) but an error on the last play left them with 10 points (68-58).

The success from outside earned San Pablo, with 6 consecutive (88-65), to close the game and get 9 wins, taking a step forward to achieve salvation.

Data sheet:

92 – Inherits San Pablo Burgos (26+17+25+24): Benite (24), Díez (16), Eddie (12), Renfroe (8), Nnoko (8) – starting five – Queeley (0), Nikolic (3), Salash (4), Phillip (10), Rabaseda ( 4), Garcia (-) and Gamble (3).

76 – Joventut Badalona (21+23+14+18): Busquets (5), Brozianski (10), Feliz (10), Parra (10) and Tomic (10) – starting five- Paul (3), Ribas (0), Ventura (3), Vives (8), Bassas ( -), Willis (9), Birgander (8).

Referees: Emilio Pérez Pizarro, Vicente Bultó and Roberto Lucas. Hereda San Pablo Burgos player Aleksej Nikolic eliminated for personal fouls

Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 19 of the Endesa League played at the Coliseum Burgos in front of 8,893 spectators.