The Argentine base of Movistar Estudiantes has reached the final stretch of the season at a great time. With the losses of Arica Carter and Laura Quevedo, Gretter took command of the operations to sign a prodigious party. She was incisive in attack (17 points), took all the long rebounds (up to 16 rebounds for a 1.65 player) and distributed 8 assists (her specialty). All for a total assessment of 38 points.

This is his best of the season and the best game of a year in which he averaged just over 7 points and 5 rebounds, for a rating of 13.7 points. After that tie at 59 at WiZink, Alberto Ortego’s men will play the second leg at La Fonteta on Thursday, where they need a win, even if it’s just the slightest.

Anecdotal section:

Second MVP of the season for the Argentine base of Movistar Estudiantes. After her award on matchday 11, Gretter achieved the best rating of the first leg of the quarterfinals, and became the only one to repeat and continue in competition, in addition to the MVP of the season, the American from SPAR Girona Rebekah Gardner.

Plus, he’s the only point guard to win MVP this season. She would have to go back to matchday 21 of the past to find Aleksandra Stanacev, from Durán Maquinaria Ensino; the last game director to win a weekly award.

The ideal quintet of the day:

Ideal quintet of the day with a lot of talent and with some of the nominees for the individual awards of the day. The outside line is made up of the MVP of Movistar Estudiantes, the American from Perfumerías Avenida who has been MVP of the Euroleague and the WNBA, Kahleah Copper, and the American from Cadí la Seu, Mikayla Pivec.

And inside, two players who stayed at the gates of the individual awards of the season. Vega Gimeno was the best of her Casademont Zaragoza in the first leg of the quarterfinals; and Mariam Coulibaly did the same with IDK Euskotren in their match against SPAR Girona.

Base: Melissa Gretter (Movistar Estudiantes) 38 val: 17 points (6/10 T2 and 5/7 TL), 16 rebounds, 8 assists and 6 fouls received
Shooting guard: Kahleah Copper (Perfumerías Avenida): 29 val: 23 points (7/12 T2 and 3/3 TL), 6 rebounds, 2 assists
Eaves: Mikayla Piveck (Cadí La Seu): 22 val: 15 points, 10 rebounds, 3 assists and 4 fouls received
Power forward: Vega Gimeno (Casademont Zaragoza): 22 val: 18 points (4/8 T2 and 4/5 TL), 7 rebounds and 9 fouls received
Pivot: Mariam Coulibaly (IDK Euskotren): 21 val: 15 points (6/11) and 3/3 TL), 12 rebounds, 1 assist and 4 fouls received

Season Stats – Melissa Gretter

Games played: 32
Minutes: 33.4
Points: 7.0
Rebounds: 5.3
Assists: 4.6
Recoveries: 1.8
Plugs: 0.0
Fouls received: 2.1
Rating: 13.7

Sports career – Melisa Gretter

11-13 Union Florida (Argentina)
13-15 Mann Filter (LF)
15-17 Corinthians (Brazil)
17-19 Vera Cruz (Brazil)
19-20 Sampaio (Brazil)
20-22 Students (LF Endesa)