CAB Estepona launches its first supporters campaign for an exciting season

“You are CAB Estepona!” is the motto with which the club wants to involve its fans in a year back to the stands with the best basketball and popular prices that provide advantages in front of the general public


The 2021/22 season will not only be historic because the club debuted in the Women’s Challenge League and participated for the second time in a row in the EBA League, also for having completed ten campaigns as an entity since its foundation and being the first time that a campaign of supporters has been launched, that seeks to help the club continue to grow and its most loyal fans obtain multiple advantages.

The CAB family does not stop growing, increasing the number of teams, coaches and homegrown players, something that is also reflected in senior categories, where the entity seeks to establish itself among the elite of national basketball. That is why, for the first time in the history of the entity, a campaign of supporters is launched, at popular prices, which seeks, even more, the union between fans and CAB Estepona.

Supporter cards will have a single price of 15 euros and will allow access, at no extra cost, to the 15 regular league matches of the Women’s League Challenge and the 11 of the EBA League, including possible subsequent qualifiers. In addition, as a supporter of the CAB Estepona, you will have priority access to the pavilion in case of capacity restrictions, and if the figure approaches the total number of Pineda seats (240 with the stands with the mobile stands) the entry of non-supporters It would be subject to the seats being released.

Not only will access to all the matches of the season be linked to the supporter card. Anyone who joins this way with CAB Estepona will have the right to exclusive discounts on the club’s official clothing, which will be worn one more season by Vive, the sports brand.

To get your supporter card you will only have to write to with your personal information (full name, contact telephone number and email address) and you will receive a response with the steps to follow to make the payment and obtain the card of supporter.

Do you join CAB Estepona? We need your encouragement and we look forward to seeing you in the stands of Pineda. And remember: YOU ARE CAB ESTEPONA!

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