Carlos Cabezas is together with Berni Rodríguez the new ambassador of Unicaja Baloncesto. The Malaga base will be a key figure and link between the dressing room, the fans and the board. As he himself assured today live on Radio MARCA Málaga together with López Nieto, composer president … “I will do a little of everything.” The one from Marbella has received at Casa Juan Los Mellizos, in the epicenter of La Carihuela, in Torremolinos. Accompanying the president of the Los Guindos team and the new Unicaja ambassador was Sergio Scariolo, who only had good words for Cabezas.

“He was a disciplined boy, very hard-working and, at times, his emotionality led him to go a little out of line. The great competitive strength he had could make him raise the revs of the engine. He always wanted to have that player with his ability to being good on both courts and effective. There are many qualities he had. I remember the 2009 European Championship. He did not play one game and the next day he was the protagonist against Greece with an excellent defense against Spanoulis. That ability not to save bad feelings was important. Play it or not, Carlos had a very clean mind, “he confessed.

López Nieto recounted the idea he had in mind for Carlos Cabezas since he became president. “We are a club that wants to transmit its values: on the court, with the fans, with the media, with the institutions … They (Berni and Carlos) know basketball from all angles. I will ask them many questions. they will share their opinion. Basketball is not just the game, but the whole week. If tomorrow the club must go to deliver a badge, people prefer that they go. They represent our DNA, our energy. “

Carlos Cabezas himself spoke of his new position. “It comes to me in a very good personal moment. These last weeks with all the recognition that I have had, I want to contribute my grain of sand. To be able to advise you, the players too … We have met sometime to talk about basketball, and those We have discussed details from outside. We will be near the box, Berni and I. A little drop at half-time and at the end of the game I do not rule it out, I will ask for a credential to move around the Carpena, “he said with a laugh.

The program also featured the presence of Carlos Cabezas’s father, one of the people who has fought the most for the Malaga player’s career and for his return home. “Carlos’s career has been a gift for me: of having trained together, of going through everything we’ve been through, of belonging to Unicaja, to Caja de Ronda. A very nice story that he and Berni have got together. Thanks to the president Nowadays, for me it is a huge satisfaction that he has been able to return. To also thank all the coaches he had, Sergio perhaps was the one who straightened him out. “