Cáceres shows its support for the Spanish Association against Cancer in breast cancer research

Sunday’s game will be open to all people who attend the Pink March, who will be able to access through the back entrance for free.


The Cáceres Ciudad del Baloncesto has presented this Thursday its collaboration with the Cáceres delegation of the Spanish Association against Cancer, which celebrates the Pink March on the 17th, to give visibility to breast cancer research.

October is breast cancer awareness month and the green-black club wants to support the association’s work.

Thus, all the people who participate in the Pink March will have free access to the Cáceres World Heritage Site against Levitec Huesca La Magia (Sunday, October 17, 12:30 p.m.) by presenting their number or commemorative shirt at the back entrance of the Multipurpose Pavilion.

The Pink March, which this year is held in a staggered manner from 10:00 am on Sunday, with the Women’s Race, until 12:30 pm, will have about two thousand participants.

More information: https://marcharosa.com/

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