The clothing of the Cáceres World Heritage Site will wear red and black this Friday, the traditional colors of San Antonio in tribute to this centennial educational center.

It will be during the match corresponding to day 23 that will face the locals against Unicaja Banco Oviedo starting at 9:30 p.m. in the City of Cáceres Multipurpose Pavilion.

And it is that the history of basketball in the city has always had two proper names, Cáceres and San Antonio, whose quarries joined fifteen years ago.

In addition, through a raffle on the club’s social networks, which this week will change its image to that of San Antonio Cáceres Basket, Cáceres fans will be able to opt for the complete Erreà kit worn by the MVP of the FP Institute during the match FONES Dental Technologies.

All this thanks to ExtremaduraSport, official distributor in the region of the Italian sports brand, and to the sponsors who have allowed us not to put advertising on the kit.

Likewise, those interested may acquire this commemorative garment through the ExtremaduraSport sales channels.


The origins of the Colegio San Antonio de Padua go back to 1921, in the private preparation classes of some young people from Cáceres by the Franciscan friar Juan López de Aréchaga for a few months from February of that year.

The first school year as such began in October 1921 on Margallo street in the city of Cáceres, with 91 students enrolled, some of them boarders.

The center remained there after several expansions of its facilities, linked to the Franciscan convent of Santo Domingo, until the 2003/2004 academic year, when it moved its location to the Sierrilla neighborhood, inaugurating the construction of the new center, which currently houses some 800 students.

With a great tradition in sports in Extremadura, especially in basketball, Colegio San Antonio reached a historic agreement in 2007 with the embers of Cáceres CB, which had been missing from the ACB elite for two years.

Both quarries, those of the Club Polideportivo San Antonio and Cáceres, which was maintained to avoid the total disappearance of the club, would join thanks also to a group of businessmen from the old stage in the ACB who were willing to collaborate to make the leap to the elite, encouraged by a favorable climate.

In this way, the most important collegiate club in Extremadura in the sport of basket would now compete at a regional and national level under the name of San Antonio Cáceres Basket as a quarry for the professional team Cáceres 2016 Basket at that time in LEB Plata, rekindling the flame of basketball in the city.