Montse Brotons and AE Sedis Baloncesto have reached an agreement to stay together for the next two seasons.


The contestana will continue to wear the Cadí La Seu shirt for the 2022/2023 and 2023/2024 seasons after reaching an agreement with AE Sedis Bàsquet. She affirms that she is “very happy” to continue in Cadí La Seu and to be able to continue enjoying “the fans of the Palau”. The local player also reveals the main reasons that have made her decide to continue playing at Seu d’Urgell for the next two seasons: “The people and the place. There is a very good atmosphere and a good team, but the very welcoming and familiar environment of the city… I think that is what made me decide”. To finish, she asks the fans to “keep shouting, believing and pushing”, a fact that she summarizes as “feeling the Sedis”, in relation to the new club slogan last season.

An inexhaustible worker with 100% Sedis identity

Pep Ribes, sports director of Cadí La Seu, is very pleased to have achieved the renewal for two more seasons of a player “with a young profile with talent, capacity for work and sacrifice and who perfectly understands the values ??of the team and the club” . He adds that Montse Brotons “is a player with an incredible journey yet to be exploited due to her abilities, conditions and talent.” Also explaining the agreement for two more seasons, since “we are sure that she only has a way to improve, without knowing where the ceiling will be, but convinced that she will continue to progress.” He ends by saying that it is “a guarantee” to have “people of this level in a club like ours, which also, apart from the sporting issue, gives you identity with the club, the team and understand the philosophy of who we are and, above all, transmit it… This helps a lot to unite a group like ours”.

Jordi Acero, coach of Cadí La Seu, defines Montse as “a young player with a lot of room for improvement, who has adapted very well to the club and the city, who will continue to give the team very good things”. He is convinced that we will see “a qualitative leap compared to what we saw last season”. He ends by highlighting the intangibles of the young inner player saying that she “is a very good person, a player who is eager to work and improve every day”.

Montse Brotons joins Ariadna Pujol and Laura Peña at Cadí La Seu for the 2022/2023 season.

Good luck and success, Montse!

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