CaixaBank and the Perfumerías Avenida Club have signed a new collaboration agreement whereby the financial institution becomes the official sponsor of the Perfumerías Avenida Club for the current 2021-2022 season, reinforcing its commitment and support to the club and its fans.

The agreement was signed at the CaixaBank Store in Salamanca, by the regional director of CaixaBank in Castilla y León, Belén Martín, and the president of the Club Perfumerías Avenida, Jorge Recio. The agreement between both entities establishes the sponsorship of CaixaBank, thanks to which the financial entity will have various considerations that will serve to bring the club closer to its fans and link the entity with the club, the city and its area of ??influence.

The agreement confirms the entity as one of the reference entities in the club’s financial operations and maintains collaboration in other commercial areas. At the same time, the commitment will allow CaixaBank to jointly develop, activate and coordinate innovative actions aimed at players and fans.

Martín has highlighted “the values ??shared between the entity and the club, such as effort, teamwork, talent or innovation”.

For the territorial director of CaixaBank in Castilla y León “this new agreement presents us with a wide range of possibilities that will allow us to continue exploring new fields and new commercial actions that will directly benefit the society of Salamanca”. “It is a personal satisfaction to support a reference women’s team”, he added.

The president of the Club Perfumerías Avenida, for his part, praised this agreement, pointing out that “support as important as that of CaixaBank is essential for our club. The bet of this entity for basketball and, again, for Perfumerías Avenida, is worthy of gratitude”.

CaixaBank, reference sponsor of Spanish basketball

CaixaBank is a sponsoring member of the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB) and an official sponsor of the Spanish National Team in all its categories, male and female. The financial entity has been involved with national basketball since 2013 and its involvement and activation of multiple initiatives around this sport have helped to make visible and expand the impact of the greatest successes achieved internationally.

In its implementation of the local sponsorship strategy, CaixaBank has collaborated with the main basketball events that have been held in the last decade in Spain, both professional and amateur, transferring the values ??of sport to all corners of the country.

Among them is the commitment to the Plaza 3×3 CaixaBank circuit. In addition, the FEB and CaixaBank have a specific sports volunteer program that goes beyond the competition itself: the FEB CaixaBank volunteer program.

After seven years, the program has managed to weave a solid community of almost 20,000 volunteers, who support all the official basketball events organized by the FEB.