He may be the owner of several assists records, and on his way to more, but Nick Calathes of FC Barcelona is far more than a passing fancy or a fancy passer. Indeed, sometimes his skills as a passer can overshadow the many other attributes that Calathes brings to his teams. As a 1.96-meter point guard, Calathes knows how to use his size to score inside the arc, attacking the basket or playing one-on-one. He also rebounds really well for a playmaker. All that has allowed Calathes to become the first player in EuroLeague history to hit 700 two-point shots, dish more than 800 assists (at least) and pull down 900 rebounds during his career. Of course, he’s made almost double those assists, with 1,526, and is on pace to become the EuroLeague’s all-time leader next season. But don’t forget, Calathes is a true all-’rounder, too!

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