7 male and female players, 3 coaches, 1 referee, 1 team, 3 directors, 2 journalists, 1 doctor and 1 institution make up the 2nd Promotion of the Spanish Basketball Hall of Fame, promoted by the FEB and Diario As as media partner, after the vote held this Thursday, April 21, by the members of the Election Committee, who represent all levels of our sport. Those chosen today join the members of the 1st Promotion, whose emotional admission ceremony was held last October in Seville.

The chosen ones of this 2nd Promotion are:

  • PLAYERS: Clifford Luyk, Nino Buscató, José Manuel Calderón, Blanca Ares, Elisa Aguilar, Oscar Schmidt (International) and Uliana Semenova (Extraordinary).
  • COACHES: Lolo Sainz, Aíto García Reneses and Javier Imbroda (In Memoriam).
  • REFEREE: Francisco Nuns.
  • CONTRIBUTORS: Jorge Guillén, Pedro Barthe, Ernesto Segura de Luna (In Memoriam), Raimundo Saporta (In Memoriam), Pilar Godia (In Memoriam), Héctor Quiroga (In Memoriam) and Junta de Andalucía (Extraordinary).
  • TEAM: Men’s Absolute Selection 1984.

The Election Committee of the Second Promotion of the Hall of Fame has been formed by:

  • Jorge Garbajosa (president FEB)
  • Óscar Graefenhain (FEB CEO)
  • Elisa Aguilar (Director of the FEB Leagues Office and Ambassador)
  • Vicente Jimenez (Ace director)
  • Juan Jimenez (Ace basketball writer)
  • Raquel González Santos (Ace basketball writer)
  • Alfonso Reyes (players)
  • Esther Morillas (players)
  • Daniel Hierrezuelo (referees)
  • Joan Maria Gavaldà (trainers)
  • Antonio Martin (men’s clubs)
  • Isa Sánchez (Junta de Andalucía, representing the councilor Manuel Alejandro Cardenete)
  • Jennifer Pareja (Superior Sports Council, representing President José Manuel Franco)
  • Carmen Muguruza (women’s clubs)

With the Hall of Fame, the FEB intends to pay tribute and recognition, individually or collectively, to the most outstanding protagonists of our history. Of those chosen to appear in it, not only their contribution to the sporting and organizational development of Spanish basketball is taken into account, but also, and in a very special way, their work in the dissemination and transmission of the values ??that our sport embodies, for which They should be considered an example for present and future generations.

The FEB and Diario As want to publicly congratulate those chosen for the 2nd Promotion, who will be the main protagonists of their solemn Entrance Ceremony on a date and place that will be announced in the coming months.