The Nuggets have put Facundo Campazzo on the exit ramp and he could be traded before the NBA transfer market closes this Thursday. The Argentine point guard contract ends this season and its future in summer will depend on its possible destination and its performance. Real Madrid has contacted him during the current course. Nothing too formal. Just to keep in touch with him and let him know that, in case you want to return to Europe, they would open the doors wide for you. The base position is the least protected in the white template.

However, currently Campazzo’s intention is to continue in the NBA next season. He believes that he has a place in the best league in the world and aspires to prove it, although it will almost certainly not be in Denver. The point guard, internationally known for his matches with the Argentine national team, had a good poster before arriving in the United States and still has it after a year and a half there. There are a few franchises that believe he is underutilized on the Nuggets, have an interest in him and would make room for him both now and in the summer..

Campazzo’s second season in the NBA has something of a rollercoaster ride. Due to injuries from Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. He has enjoyed minutes. In December it averaged 25.9, but the figure has fallen sharply in recent weeks. There have been games in which he has not stepped on the pitch and others in which his presence has been testimonial. In two of the last six games he did not play and in the other four he averaged 6.0 minutes. The noob Bones-Hyland has surpassed him in the rotation, Bryan Forbesarrived in January, has subtracted minutes and Murray will soon return, which would further complicate his time on the track.

A very limited role on the Nuggets

The Argentine has averages of 6.0 points, 1.9 rebounds and 3.8 assists in the 50 games he has played. His weight in the team is very limited. Sometimes he doesn’t even bring the ball up. It’s what he has to Nikola Jockica total player who absorbs so much game, be your partner.

Campazzo’s departure from the Nuggets is more than feasible, but his dream is to stay in the NBA next season. If possible in a team where he has a more important role than in Denver and with a salary higher than the $3.2 million that you now perceive. The desire of Madrid, to which still paying the exit clauseis to repeat in the summer what he has recently done with gabriel deck, but it seems much more complicated. Addressing the operation now would be almost impossible, since the Argentine would have to be cut by his team.