The best shooter from beyond the 6.75 line in Group B of Liga Femenina 2 last season, Carla Viegas, will complete her sixth season in the ranks of CAB Estepona and will debut, before turning 16, in the new Women’s League Challenge. The San Pedro de Alcántara forward, who played 22 of the 26 first-team meetings in recent 2020/21, will continue to combine daily work with the senior squad with her presence in the lower categories.

No one had a better aim than her in the triple throws among the players of the 14 teams that made up Group B of LF2: 28 hits of 63 attempts, which represents a percentage of 44.44, the fifth highest in the entire category, although three of the four players who surpassed him did so with fewer pitches and converted triples. This good work from beyond the arc has served her to be summoned on several occasions by the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB) for different concentrations with the training teams to continue improving, together with a select group of players of her generation, under the orders of the FEB technicians during the holiday periods.

Viegas’ excellent shooting mechanics, the fruit of a lot of work to improve shooting, has been giving joy to the first team of CAB Estepona for several seasons, since in the last year in Primera Nacional she also finished as the player with the highest percentage of success from the triple . It is one of the examples, despite his youth, that show that the work carried out in the quarry, from the Baby age, bears fruit and that the entity’s objective is that the number of players trained in the club that they make up the medium-term first squad is older is not a chimera.

“I know her strengths and we will work so that she continues to improve as a player in all aspects”

Bea Pacheco said about Viegas that, “despite her youth”, she is a “player who has already shown that she can play in a category like Women’s League 2” and that the intention is “that she continue to improve in order to play an important role.” within the template. “I know her strengths, everyone knows that she is an exceptional shooter, but we cannot stop working so that she continues to improve as a player in all aspects”, commented the Madrilenian before pointing out: “It is one of the clear bets of the club , a club that wants the quarry to be able to reach the first squad, and as a coach one of my goals is to help achieve this with the daily work that must then be reflected in the matches ”.

“Last year was incredible, this season I will continue to do my best”

Carla Viegas assured that being able to play last season in most of the team’s matches in Women’s League 2 “with very good teammates and rivals” was something “incredible” for a player of a second-year cadet age. “Being able to be in the team again this year, also in a stronger league such as the Women’s Challenge League, is amazing,” he explained before stating that he faces this new campaign “with the desire to continue learning and improving” on the day. to day and “grow as a player”. Finally, thinking about starting to work again, he said: “I hope that we will once again have a united team and that this will help us win many games. I can only promise that I will do my best and train very hard to do my best and help the team.