ANDl from Marbella Carlos Cabezas is one of the three active survivors of the famous ‘Generation of 80’ together with Felipe Reyes and Pau Gasol. The Andalusian, at 40, continues his career in Uruguay, completing his second season at the Nacional. The base He went through ‘We Like Basket’.

“It has It means a lot to me to be in Uruguay and I’m enjoying it a lot. Many things have conquered me, it is a very passionate country for sports, “acknowledged the Andalusian, fully immersed in the season.” Everything is played in Montevideo. Here the tradition is to eat a barbecue after the games and that is very nice. We have to try to reach the final and make history at the club. We have managed to win the classic that has taken a weight off our shoulders, “he explained.

After a long career in Unicaja and in the ACB League, Cabezas has played the last few seasons in Hungary or Argentina in a life dedicated to basketball. “Over the years you realize how privileged you have been to belong to the best generation in the history of Spanish basketball. Everyone knows what we have won, “said the point guard, who already sees his last games as a professional close by.

“You get it into your head that withdrawal is near. I take it naturally.. I am very grateful to be able to continue and when the illusion or the physical is missing it will be time to say goodbye. What motivates us the most is competing. I like teaching, I have not considered being a coach but I do not close doors. I would like to be linked to sports and basketball, “he explained.

Finally, the Andalusian appreciated the return of Pau Gasol to FC Barcelona. “Very happy for Pau. We all thought that if he returned to Europe, he would come to Barsa and more if Saras and Navarro are there. It is a bombshell for the league and for everyone”, ended.

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