The Ibizan, who the previous season was a player in the EBA League team, will continue as a member of the ‘staff’ that Carlos Flores will direct as coach in the LEB Plata.


Carlos Guasch will continue to be enrolled in the Sant Antoni Basketball Club, but this season as an assistant to the coaching staff of the LEB Plata team that Carlos Flores will lead again.
The Ibizan, who last year was the escort for the EBA team that ended up getting promoted, is now joining the ‘staff’ of the Portmany first team, thus renewing his commitment to the entity. In this way he joins Jordi Grau, also a player in 2020-21 and who remains as a physical trainer.

In addition, CB Sant Antoni has already renewed center Tau Slezas for its squad, while it has signed guards Aleix Haro and Pau Carreño.

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