Lion head in the LEB Silver League or mouse tail on the LEB Gold League? That was the dilemma faced during the summer by one of the most outstanding men of the past year, a Carlos Toledo that could have continued to be a reference to the Alega Cantabria Group, but you decided to go for the bravest decision.

Because the Cáceres P. Humanity He had put on his table the possibility of returning to a LEB Gold from which he had to leave two years ago in search of minutes and to which he decided to return now knowing that these were going to be sold again really expensive.

But Murcian forward He is one of those players made of another paste and he had no doubts when it came to putting on that green-black shirt that he decided to accompany the classic “Toledo” in honor of his father and about a number 37 in which he combines his number of siblings (3) with his mother’s date of birth (7).

The best possible energy when it comes to being able to fight for everything in a season in which he has become one of the flight engines of a team that is surprising locals and strangers.

Carlos Toledo: “I have gained vision of the game and I am a much more mature player”

Surrounded by a great atmosphere in each and every one of their work sessions, the players of the Cáceres World Heritage Site face a new week of work ready to continue to excite their fans. A whole premise for a team that seems to feel comfortable on the track as one of its main actors details for a few minutes.

Carlos, it seems that in Cáceres you have started the season at a great level: three consecutive victories, co-leaders and a narrow defeat in Palencia this weekend. Did you trust from within that something like this could happen?

“Well, when you start a new season you always have the illusion of being able to do things well and the desire for the team to be able to compete, but to be honest, I think it would have cost us even to imagine a start like this. We are talking about one of the toughest editions of the LEB Oro in recent years and a very tough schedule in these first weeks, so it seemed difficult to start winning with this ease. I think the key has been in the good feelings we already had during the preseason and that helped us to build our team idea ”.

Preseason? From the outside it gave the feeling that this period did not play in your favor …

“Yes, but I think that the problems we suffered were what helped us to be able to be at this level now. It is true that it took us a while to close the team, that we had to make changes … But in that time we had to be very close and each one of us did our best so that the group could grow. All this helped us to get to know each other better, to know how to detect where the talent was and that all that hunger that we had on an individual level led us to learn how to win the games from the group ”.

Last Friday you returned with the team to Palencia, the place where you had your last experience in LEB Oro. Has the Carlos Toledo who left there in 2019 changed a lot from which he returned this week?

“I would say yes, because now I am a much more mature player. The experience I lived in Palencia helped me to learn and grow as a player, but these last two years at LEB Plata I think I have gained vision of the game and the ability to make decisions on the court. Now I am a player who reads games better and that helps me face them with greater confidence. But all this would not have been possible without those years in Palencia, a place that I have very good memories of and where I loved to return since I have great friends and their hobby is really incredible. I will not forget the reception they gave me… ”.

Perhaps these last two years with David Mangas in the Alega Cantabria Group have had something to do with this evolution that we are seeing in your game …

“Without a doubt, because David Mangas has always been very important in my career and he knows it. I appreciate that in his day he trusted me and that he gave me the captaincy of the team in Torrelavega and, above all, what he has helped and taught me during that time. He has always trusted me and thanks to him I have been able to grow as a player and as a person ”.

You could have continued to be the lion’s head in your project in the LEB Silver League, but this summer you chose to jump to the tail of the Extremaduran mouse. Satisfied with how things are going in Cáceres?

“It was not an easy decision, but I think it was one of those opportunities that, as a player, you cannot miss… When I returned to LEB Plata I did it with the sole objective of being able to prepare to be able to return again and now the moment. I felt ready to do it again and the fact that it could be in a place like Cáceres that I knew perfectly helped me to make everything a little easier ”.

With almost 20 minutes of play per game, it seems clear that Roberto is relying on your game …

“Roberto knows me very well and from the beginning he has given me all his confidence. That makes me feel more responsible, so I just want him to feel, in those minutes of play, that I am able to give him back all that confidence. That is why I want to contribute daily work and effort to the team in everything they may need me for ”.

The same is why the local fans have always loved Carlos Toldo so much …

“Well, those kinds of attitudes are usually the ones that please hobbies, but besides that, I have always been a very sociable person and who has loved meeting all those people who support us and follow us to share time with them. When people are aware of you and waste their time supporting you, you cannot do anything other than give them back all that by connecting with them on a day-to-day basis ”.

This is an important year for you personally, but seeing how the team has started, maybe it can also be at the group level. What challenges do you set for yourself as a team?

“Yes, as I was saying, that is what drove us during the preseason and in turn is what is helping us to grow now as a group. If we think about our growth as a team, the first challenge we set ourselves is to be better every day, to be a family and to improve all together through a lot of dedication and work. The long-term challenge would be to try to surprise everyone by trying to get into the Playoffs for promotion. ”

Perhaps the key to qualifying for something other than permanence may be in the pending accounts that many of you have in this League …

“All of us who are here know that it is a very important year and we all really want to show that we can have a journey in the competition. That is why I trust my colleagues a lot, we have an incredible group of hardworking people that we will always sacrifice to help each other. I think one of the things for a team to function and grow is trust between us and enjoy all of this. To be a small family ”.

And although you have started the course well, with several surprises above, the margin of growth can be marked by not losing the games against your league rivals …

“Yes and no, because in this league it is very difficult to beat anyone and that means that no game is easy. You can surprise a team at the top like we have done, but you can also win games against opponents who may be below or even at a bad time. We are going to have to be very focused and work 200% to get the victories, but if there is one thing we are clear about, it is that we have to make the Multipurpose a fortress ”.

Season statistics – Carlos Toledo:

Played games: 4
Minutes: 19.37
Points: 6.5
Rebounds: 3.5
Assists: 0.5
Recoveries: 0.3
Plugs: —
Fouls received: 1.8
Rating: 7.8

Sports career – Carlos Toledo:

Lower Cat .: AD Marme
2011/12: UCAM Murcia (Junior)
2012/14: UCAM Murcia (EBA League)
2014/15: Cáceres P. Humanidad (LEB Silver)
2015/16: Carrefour El Bulevar Ávila (LEB Silver)
2015/16: Cáceres P. Humanidad (LEB Gold)
2016/17: Cáceres P. Humanidad (LEB Gold)
2017/18: Chocolates Trapa Palencia (LEB Gold)
2018/19: Chocolates Trapa Palencia (LEB Gold)
2018/19: HLA Alicante (LEB Silver)
2019/21: Grupo Alega Cantabria (LEB Silver)
2021/22: Cáceres P. Humanidad (LEB Gold)