Javier Ibroda was very present at the return of the Unicaja al Carpena after his sad death. The one who was a typesetter and coach of Spain, among many other positions, received the tribute of his public and his club in an act that did not lack any detail. A week after his departure, the Los Guindos entity prepared a small act in which images and memories floated through the atmosphere of the track and the stands. It all started with the lights off and a video recalling the exploits of Javier Ibroda In Malaga.

His career on the bench. the runner-up in 1995 and a special message at the end. “Illusion, perseverance, affection, dedication, professionalism, passion, heart, we will always carry it with us“, was reflected in the Carpena scores. Many of his teammates and friends applauded from the stands. From Pedro Ramírez to Manolo Rubia, passing through Alfonso Reyes, Eduardo García or José María Martín Urbano.

Pedro Ramírez, his right-hand man in the Malaga team, took the floor. “These are very sad moments, but today we are all here to accompany your whole family. Javier was all heart, he always gave himself body and soul to basketball. He was a friend, a partner, a great coach, a teacher and a great example. He will always be with us “, he said into the microphone for the entire Carpena.

After Pedro, they spoke very excited too Alfonso Reyes and Jose Maria Arrabal. Both hinted at Imbroda’s champion heart. After this part, his two sons came out to the center of the track. Pablo and Javier were applauded by those present. Berni Rodriguez and Carlos Cabezasambassadors of Unicaja since the arrival of López Nieto to the presidency, gave each one a bouquet of flowers as a detail in the perfect brooch to remember Imbroda and its essence.

Via Marca.com