If he Real Madrid will remove dorsal numbers (it was only done with Fernando Martin), on 20 Jaycee Carroll it would be a fixed. There are plenty of reasons for this: the escort is the foreigner who has played the most matches with the club, the player who has made the most triples, a key piece in the section’s recent golden age, the first signing of the Laso era, his communion with fans is total … Undoubtedly, a


A legend, but no cover

. Because he has not yet responded to Madrid’s renewal proposal. His teammates will play next weekend the first title of the season in the

Endesa Super Cup

while he remains on his ranch


with his family. And it is worth starting to wonder if it is worth waiting for a vintage player, who has dynamited dozens of games with his triples, but who

will turn 39 during the next academic year

and that he has not done the preseason, with what this entails when it comes to reaching physical fullness later.

Carroll has always been very familiar. In Madrid, in fact, they handle the theory that

when his wife and his offspring were absent he played worse

. Already last year the club granted him a permit to go to


to pass the


with his people while the team continued to compete. The closest thing you remember is when

Trey thompkins

He spent almost a month at home with his mother, although in this case he was rushing his days due to a serious illness. But the bodyguard was an unusual event and could create a dangerous precedent.

What if more players had asked to be absent for family reasons?

Perhaps the admiration of the

President Florentino Pérez

for Jaycee had something to do with that permit. The fact is that Carroll has been making Madrid dizzy for two years. The previous one seemed like a “no” after his wife published on social networks that

it would be the last active season for the guard

. And it ended up being a “yes”, because he played after changing his mind several times, as his partner at the time said.

Klemen prepelic

, whose future depended on his decision. This course seemed like a “yes” after the player addressed the club saying that

I was up for one last dance

. That was back in March. And maybe it ends up being a “no”. For the moment

does not respond to the renewal offer

from Madrid. The whites will have to wait but they have assumed that, if they go on the market,

they won’t find another like Jaycee

and less at this point.

Via Marca.com