Lto victory of Real Madrid in Fuenlabrada, 76-90 rivaled in historic moments. The Whites sign the best balance in the history of the competition after 32 games played. His current 31-1, surpasses 30-1 of the white team itself in 2013-14. In addition, Laso’s team is still in full transit to beat more caps: as the one with the best final balance or best balance as a visitor, a condition with which he has not yet lost.

However, during the game, another piece of information took all the spotlight. And is that Bassala Bagayoko became the player youngest to debut in the ACB. At 14 years and seven months he smashed the record of Ricky Rubio who at 14 years and 11 months seemed impossible to fall.

But Bagayoko, at 14 years old, had to give way in the match to Jaycee Carroll, which at 38 years of age is still fireproof. He did a great third quarter and a superlative last act giving samples of a talent and some fundamentals within the reach of very few. Carroll, 24 years older than Bagayoko, ensured Madrid’s victory at Fernando Martín.

However, at the beginning the presence of Bagayoko on the court It seemed to mislead Madrid more than Fuenla and the first minutes were green today. Only a couple of good deeds from Abalde allowed the Whites to go ahead to the first mini-break of the match (22-23).

The second quarter was similar. Ensuring the rebounds and running better, Fuenla wanted to complete the party for the debut of their youth squad by putting the leader in difficulties. Two and a half minutes of final inspiration, with Alocén at the controls, sent the teams to rest with the advantage for Madrid, 38-46, with the feeling of white dominance more on the scoreboard than in the game.

The locker room exit was an ordeal for the local team. The partial of 0-12 with which the first half extended to a surprising 0-20 that reflected a 38-56 that seemed to end the game. Nothing of that. Fuenla has not built its reputation in the ACB by withdrawing from impossible battles.

Novak He took control of the game and based on points and, above all, direction of the game, he managed to put Urbas back in the clash. The local team was reducing the distance from Madrid to 10 that looked the score at the end of the third act, 56-66. Partial 18-10 from a time out in which Raventós silenced Fernando Martín with an anthological fight.

In that third quarter, Carroll and Rudy they had played their best minutes, the most productive, and Garuba and Tyus They were in charge of covering the gap, huge, that had been left due to Tavares’ injury.

Fuenla’s reaction endured what it wanted Carroll which ended with 20 points. The last act of the American was sublime. He scored 10 of the first 12 points for his team while burying the Fuenlabreña comeback options. Carroll was joined by an increasingly engaged Poirier who starred in a slam dunk recital.

In the end, signed the armistice of the local team, Fuenla ended up on the track with Santana, who also made his debut in the ACB, and the great protagonist of the night: Bagayoko. His record, like Ricky’s before, is already pure ACB history.