Jaycee Carroll has ended her career as a basketball player at 39 years old and after receiving a heartfelt tribute at the Wizink Center before the fans of Real Madrid, the club in which he played for his last 10 seasons. Carroll came to the Whites from Gran Canaria, where he spent 2 years as the top scorer in the ACB League.

Himar Ojeda was the sports director of the Canarian team at the time and recalls in ‘Nos Gusta el Basket’ how Jaycee Carroll came to Spanish basketball. “I had already seen him in 2008 in the Orlando Summer League. We had Carl English in the team and a season ago and it seemed that he was going to leave, but finally he stayed in Granca the following season. Not wanting Jaycee Carroll to end up on another ACB team, I talk to Lorenzo Marruganti, Teramo’s sporting director, who was looking for a shooter, and tell him to watch Carroll’s games. They end up signing him and I bring Téramo to a tournament in Gran Canaria for a week to see him more closely”, he remembered.

In Gran Canaria they said it was like the Duracell bunny because it didn’t stop. It is to take off his hat what he has done these years

Himar Ojeda, discoverer of Jaycee Carroll

In the summer of 2009, the one from Utah arrived in Gran Canaria from Italian basketball. “I signed him for 2 years and he is the top scorer in the League the 2 seasons he plays with us. I was surprised that after the first season no one called us asking about him, already in March 2011 Madrid was very close to signing him. Knowing how to adapt to a role like no one has ever done has a lot of merit. He is probably the best shooter there has been in Europe.”analyzed.

Carroll retires after 13 seasons in Spain and 20 titles won. “It has not surprised me that he has been at Real Madrid for so many years, he is very familiar and has impressive energy. In Gran Canaria they said it was like the Duracell bunny because it didn’t stop. It is to take off the hat that has endured so many years in that profile. I enjoyed it for two years and suffered the rest. I stay with the exhibitions that he gave in Gran Canaria, during the first season he was unstoppable”, assured Ojeda in ‘Nos Gusta el Basket’.

The current sports director of Alba Berlin knows the NBA perfectly after having worked for several years for the Atlanta Hawks. himar explains why Jaycee Carroll never made it to the NBA. “When I was in Atlanta, I always had him on the lists of players in Europe ready to make the leap. The Rookies almost always want to try in the NBA and you have to understand that. Carroll tried it with the Summer Leagues, he understood that he had no place and jumped directly to Europe and at that time there were not as many contracts as there are now. People saw him as too small for the NBA and they didn’t see him capable of defending well and that’s why they didn’t go for him in a serious way.”commented.

When I was in Atlanta I always had Carroll on the agenda to take him to the NBA, but they never really went for him

Himar Ojeda, in ‘We Like Basket’

Finally, Himar spoke about the future of Óscar Da Silva, wanted by FC Barcelona. The center has played the last season in Berlin. “It will be very difficult to retain Óscar da Silva. I’m used to losing players like Grigonis, Hermansson, Giedraitis… He has a lot of potential, I think he can even opt for the NBA and I think that another year with us could give him a good dimension. We will have to go for the next player that people do not have very controlled and that comes out well, “he concluded.

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