This agreement, which unites the two reference basketball clubs in Aragon, was born from the vocation of both entities to work and collaborate in favor of the progress of basketball, both in our autonomous community and at the national level.

For Jorge Lachén, manager of the Peñas Basketball Club, “the update of this agreement is great news for Aragonese basketball.” He also points out that for the supporters club “it is great news to be able to count on the support of Casademont Zaragoza and the talent they have in their ranks.”

For his part, for Pep Cargol, sports director of Casademont Zaragoza, “this agreement that is still in force and we have updated is a reason for satisfaction, since it allows both clubs to work together for our basketball, to help each other in the respective growth of the two clubs, and join forces in favor of basketball in Aragon ”, he commented.