ORn reborn Casademont Zaragoza, after adding their second consecutive victory, complicates the classification of the Copa del Rey for a Bitci Baskonia that this Tuesday (97-79) was not able to maintain the winning streak that it accumulated in the Aragonese capital.

The Basque team had added four wins in a row but in the Aragonese capital they crashed against a Casademont Zaragoza team that confirmed that the reaction shown the previous day on the MoraBanc Andorra court was not the flower of a day or the result of chance and surpassed those of Neven Spahija with a great collective game and with 25 spectacular minutes.

Tomorrow’s victory allows them to take a two-game advantage in relegation, while at the top, Baskonia’s defeat puts a brake on their aspirations to secure a spot for the KO tournament and, by extension, further complicates their chances of being head of series.

The beginning of the game was level until the middle of the first quarter in which, with a good defense, the team handcuffed the man from Vitoria who did not know how to attack and who saw how in the next five minutes he suffered a 16-3 run, thanks especially to his success in the launches to finish with +13 on the scoreboard (28-15).

The Aragonese team, orderly in defence, supportive and quick on their feet, continued to hinder each attack by a Baskonia that could not find a way to achieve good shooting positions and on the very few occasions that they did, they did not see the hoop.

With only 35% accuracy in shots from two and 0 of 6 in triples, the Basque team began to despair, leaving the game, especially Matt Costello, who was given two techniques in just two minutes.

In addition, he saw how the difference was increasing as the minutes unfolded until the break with the hand team doubling their rival in the electronic (52-26).

Both teams reached the refreshment time with devastating data, the Zaragozans in their favor, and the Vitorians against. The team rating was 73 for the owners of the field and 8 for the visitors, data that is difficult to see in basketball.

With the spoils hoarded in the first two quarters, which increased midway through the third to a maximum of 29 points, Jaume Ponsarnau’s team stretched their possessions from there to the end so that the game had fewer shooting options and although the Basques cut differences and they got to within 9 points with 2.09 to go, Casademont Zaragoza withstood the pull, recovered and took a victory worth a Potosí considering the equality that reigns in the lower part of the classification.

Data sheet:

97 – Casademont Zaragoza (28+24+18+27): Bone (15), Mobley (20), Yusta (12), Radoncic (11), Deon Thompson (13) -starting five- Vanwijn (1), Cook (3), Vilà (-), Waczynski (9), Font (8) and Hlinason (5).

79 – Bitci Baskonia (15+11+24+29): Baldwin (16), Granger (10), Giedraitis (13), Sedekerskis (3), Enoch (12) -starting five- Peters (-), Marinkovic (11), Fontecchio (8), Costello (3) and Nnoko ( 3).

Referees: Benjamin Jimenez, Jorge Martinez and Hector Baez. They disqualified the visiting Costello (m.20) for two techniques. They excluded Baldwin for personal reasons (m.40)

Incidents: match corresponding to the fifteenth day of the League played in the Príncipe Felipe pavilion in Zaragoza before 3,673 spectators. Bitci Baskonia was directed by second coach David Gil because Neven Spahija did not give a conclusive test in PCR but as a precaution he stayed at the concentration hotel.

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