The Aragonese team has already set up the coaching staff that will start working on its second season in the Endesa Women’s League as of next August. A team led by Carlos Cantero, in which a continuity line prevails in the elite of national women’s basketball.

After the arrival of Carlos Cantero as head of the team, the tasks of assistant coach will continue to be carried out by José Carlos Marcos from Zaragoza, who will continue to play the role of assistant that began last summer in our club with the birth of the project in a female category that he knows well, thanks to his professional career. The medical team will be headed by Dr. Alfredo Rodríguez de León (Elite Physiotherapy), who last season already carried out this work for a good part of the campaign, and will once again have Alicia Calvo (Elite Physiotherapy) as physiotherapist, also relapsing the preparation again physics in the figure of Alejandro Arza. The care of the staff will be completed with Carlos Martín (Podoactiva) as podiatrist and Ignacio Lillo as the club’s nutritionist.

For her part, Beatriz González will perform the functions of team delegate, after performing them last season in the team of Anagan Casablanca, a subsidiary of Casademont Zaragoza in the Women’s League category 2. Former player and former coach, the new face of the red bench meets perfection in the world of basketball, after passing through Compañía de María at the beginning and, later, at the Stadium Casablanca. Given this novelty, from Basket Zaragoza we thank Ana Mermejo for her dedication to our club during these years, starting in the base categories and ending last season as the delegate of the club’s first team in the Endesa Women’s League. Best of luck for the future and our gratitude.


«In this new season, after the club’s commitment to a young man like Carlos Cantero for a future project on the bench, the coaching staff that will accompany him continues mostly from last season. JC Marcos will be Carlos’s assistant, knowledgeable about the house and who has more than demonstrated his knowledge and good work in that position. The other members continue as well: Alfredo Rodríguez as a doctor, Alicia Calvo as a physio and Álex Arza as a physical trainer. The novelty will be Beatriz González, whom we welcome as the new team delegate, although we already know her after having carried out that role in LF2 last season ».