ANDhe cold dish with which revenge is served has been in the kitchen for three months. In January, Casimiro was fired as Unicaja coach. In April, at the helm of Casademont, he has complicated the playoffs for his exes after overwhelming them 78-101 with fast and offensive basketball. Of course, without detracting from it, it didn’t take much to do so because the Katsikaris pupils are not up for any battle. The fall of what was a giant is huge. And Zaragoza, with outstanding Wiley and Brussino, took advantage to open a definitive gap with permanence.

Both hostilities began with rhythm and exterior success. Thompson, much disputed, seemed at last motivated. Ennis, on the other hand, also showed his virtues. With defenses lagging behind, actions followed one another in quick transitions. Why play static if you get to the ring before running? But that speed brought with it some precipitations from which the Casademont came out better, finer since 6.75. With a triple tied on Benzing’s horn that made it 16-27 the end of the first quarter was reached.

The second act did not start better for the typesetters. To score his first basket he needed up to three offensive rebounds. Barreiro, on the other hand, made it easy: the saint would come and kiss. Even understandable the anger of Katsikaris, whose screams – even cost him a technique – were heard even in Athens. Because the hands dominated 20-35. Only Thomas, who fights even with the scorer to capture rebounds, was saved from disaster. Not enough to stop Wiley and contain a difference that was only increasing. 20 up (26-46) were placed at 2’20 “for the rest those of a Casimiro who concealed his enjoyment. There was then, more pride than anything else, a small reaction, a 7-0 that opened the doors of the changing rooms with 33-46.

And just as plugged in, the greens returned to the parquet to get to 10 and with possession. But Díaz signed an airball and there was a stampede. That turned into an eager runner-up with Thompson wandering outrageously under the basket as Harry, Wiley, Brussino and Sulaimon broke the game for good (39-63). They achieved a maximum income of 26 that remained to face the final stretch of the crash in two less (51-75).

The only thing that remained to be resolved was whether Casademont would overcome the basket average -63-92 in the first round. He was not far behind after a last quarter in which his intensity dropped whole. But it was not necessary to squeeze with the assured victory and the revenge of Luis Casimiro more than taken by winning 78-101. They already have permanence in their pocket, not like the playoffs that are too complicated for Unicaja.

Data sheet

78-Unicaja (16 + 17 + 18 + 27): Thompson (16), Brizuela (12), Díaz (5), Waczysnki (6) and Guerrero (2) -five starting- Fernández (10), Alonso (2), Thomas (10), Sánchez (0), Abromaitis ( 8), Tamba (0) and Bouteille (7).

101-Casademont Zaragoza (27 + 19 + 29 + 26): Harris (11), Brussino () 16, San Miguel (5), Wiley (24), Ennis (9) -starting five- Sulaimon (7), Justiz (5), Barreiro (13), Fernández (0), Font (0), Benzing (11) and Hlinason (0).

Referees: Carlos Cortés, Jorge Martínez and Joaquín García. They expelled Dean Thompson from Unicaja and Robin Benzing from Casademont Zaragoza.

Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 33 of the Endesa League played, behind closed doors, at the José María Martín Carpena Sports Palace in Málaga.