ANDhe Real Madrid the bad taste in the mouth of the defeat against Barça was shaken at Carpena (91-92). Laso’s men took the match against the Unibox in one of the most serious matches of the Malaga team in the Ibon Navarro’s debut. Heurtel and Causeur They were the top scorers for the Madrid team that was in tow until the start of the last quarter. Brizuela shined again in the locals, who returned to the idyll with their public despite the defeat.


The coming-out of Ibon Navarro left an intense Unicaja in the first bars of the match. Real Madrid was hurting inside with Heurtel and Causeur in his first offensive actions. The cashiers, once again on the back of Brizuelathey quickly turned the scoreboard to get the first income of the match (11-8).

Arreón of the madridistas

Hanga and Abalde They took it upon themselves to demonstrate that the white bad moment is not so bad. Despite the arreón of the meringues, the Los Guindos team did not give their arm to twist. five points of Francis Alonso they put the boards back on the scoreboard. The first quarter ended with Matt Mooney, recent typesetter signing, leaving good feelings and with Llull pulling Laso’s car. (23-25)


The Unicaja kept the intensity also at the beginning of the second quarter. A robbery by Alberto Díaz and a mate by Kravic they were the first actions of the second act. Abalde was the one who pulled the cart in Laso’s team, which with a lot of effort maintained the small advantage in the electronics. Madrid did damage in the paint, but Ibon Navarro’s men responded from the 6.75 line with a triple Bouteille. A unsportsmanlike of Abalde on Brizuela allowed the people of Malaga to level the match again five minutes before the break (34-34).

Alternatives and disheveled attacks

The differences between Yabusele and Nzosa they were evident on the track although the young typesetter won the game from time to time. A 7-0 run for Unicaja caused the time out Paul Laso before the problems of the white equipment. The madridistas improved their course somewhat, although Unicaja went ahead at the break, (49-47). A huge basketball game in its first twenty minutes.


After the break, the two teams returned to jump excited to the track. Madrid with a triple from Heurtel and the Unicaja with a quality step-back from Axel Bouteille. Precisely it was the Frenchman who again separated the two teams starting a 6-0 runwith two triples from Unicaja, which again caused Laso to stop the clash with the maximum difference for Unicaja in the entire match (57-50).

Alocén, to the rescue of the whites… until his injury

Madrid was still deactivated in attack. Alocén came to the rescue of his own, while Barreiro was his enemy on the other side of the court with a high level triple and mate. Based on free throws, the visitors were placed three above and the fourth ended with a triple by Brizuela, (65-65). The third act ended with the sad news of Alocen’s injurywhich would no longer return to the track.


The last quarter started in the purest style triple contest. Two from Causeur for the Real Madrid squad and one from Alberto Díaz for Unicaja. Laso’s were a steamroller. Poirier got five points in just seconds and gave eight rent to the people of Madrid. (70-78). The partial was forceful for Laso’s men, who they relied on Heurtel and Abalde to calm Unicaja. The people of Malaga found the rival hoop in isolated actions, such as a Mooney triple. Thompkins he overwhelmed a typesetter player and the play ended with a technique on the Madrid coach.

Causeur unsportsmanlike and local reaction

The whites lowered their physical tone somewhat and those from Carpena took the opportunity to get closer again. A new unsportsmanlike Causeur He completely put the locals in the crash. Brizuela and Alberto Diaz they put Unicaja to two points. Tavares from the free throw line and Causeur on the counterattack they put out the fire and Madrid took a very hard match who had to fight until the last second, triple from the center of the field by Barreiro included (91-92).

Data sheet:

91 – Unibox (23+26+16+26): Alberto Díaz (8), Brizuela (18), Barreiro (13), Abromaitis (11), Guerrero (10) -five starting-, Alonso (5), Bouteille (7), Nzosa (1), Carlos Suárez (4 ), Mooney (8), Kravic (6).

92 – Real Madrid (25 + 22 + 18 + 27): Heurtel (16), Hanga (7), Causeur (16), Yabusele (7), Tavares (5) -first five-, Williams-Goss (4), Abalde (11), Poirier (11), Llull (8) , Alocen (5), Thompkins (2).

Referees: Fernando Calatrava, Javier Torres and David Sánchez.

Incidents: Match from matchday 22 of the Endesa League played at the José María Martín Carpena Palace in front of 6,257 spectators.