CB Marbella joins the fight against Breast Cancer and next Saturday October 23, coinciding with the visit of the Gijón Baloncesto Circle to the Carlos Cabezas Pavilion, will take a step forward.


Knowing that October 19 is the International Day of the fight against Breast Cancer, the players of CB Marbella will wear a pink warm-up cover to the Asturian team to support all those women who fight against this terrible disease. It will not be the only action that is carried out from the marbellero club, since all the collection obtained during the meeting in the form of a donation at the doors of Carlos Cabezas -a piggy bank with volunteers from CB Marbella will be set up at the entrance of it- will go Entirely intended for the Cesare Scariolo Foundation, which offers direct help to children with cancer and their families in needy situations who, receiving hospital or outpatient treatment, have to move outside their municipalities of residence.

The covers that the players will wear during the match of the third day of LEB Plata will be unique and exclusive and belong to a limited series of 12 garments that CB Marbella will put on sale the week after the meeting for only € 20 and whose collection It will also go to the Cesare Scariolo Foundation, whose president is the Spanish Basketball Coach and current Virtus Bolonia coach, Sergio Scariolo. These covers will be obtained by contacting the azulón club and will be signed by each of the players.

With these actions, CB Marbella wants to give visibility to all those people who today are struggling to overcome this disease and wants to show its support to all foundations and organizations that are in charge of meeting the needs of patients and their families in the most difficult moments. Thus, on October 23, at Carlos Cabezas the cry of #unidoscontraelcancer will resound louder than ever.

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