CB Perfumerías Avenida and USAL join forces to promote their sports collaboration

The Avenida Perfumerías Basketball Club and the Salamanca University Sports Club have presented this morning the sports collaboration agreement of both entities, which will facilitate, in the first place, the mobility of the players between both clubs.


The agreement, signed by the rector of the USAL, Ricardo Rivero, and the president of CB Avenida, Jorge Recio, will serve as an impetus for the incorporation of first-level university players who want to have a global training, academically at the University of Salamanca and under the sports protection of an elite club like Perfumerías Avenida.

In this way and through this agreement, both entities undertake to cooperate, promote, favor and jointly promote actions in the fields of training and practice in physical and sports education in the university environment of the USAL. Thus, among other initial commitments, CB Avenida will act as a claim for the incorporation of players in the University of Salamanca Sports Club and, on the other hand, USAL players may participate with Perfumerías Avenida when it so requires, as has already been done. happened in this preseason, with several players training with the first team azulón. On the other hand, there will be a constant relationship between players from both clubs, in such a way that the USAL team will be able to exercise in the facilities for Perfumerías Avenida when required, the azulón club will propose the sports management of the university team.

Outside of the strictly competitive, cooperate and provide mutual advice and information on matters related to the physical and sporting activity of both entities; professional teaching collaboration in the design and implementation of courses, debates, dissemination and, in general, any other related to physical and sporting activity, are other issues included in the signature.

For the rector of the USAL, Ricardo Rivero, it is an “opportunity for collaboration with the most important force in the sport of Salamanca, admired by all people.” In this sense, this agreement will be an incentive for future university students, “it will expand the possibilities of projecting themselves in the sporting activity of those who study at USAL”, Rivero explained. A first step to implement a collaboration model like the one seen in many countries, “in the most powerful university systems in the world, sport has a role and many times they are linked with elite clubs such as Perfumerías Avenida. It is a collaboration to allow the reconciliation of the two projections, the university and the sports projections ”, declared the rector.

For his part, the president of Perfumerías Avenida, Jorge Recio, wanted to remember the roots of the club, precisely linked to the USAL, “the history of this club, its beginning, is the University thirty years ago. For us this connection, which allows the leap of the players from Junior, who did not know where to go at the end of their stage in the quarry, to USAL, is an opportunity “, while calling for many more collaborations,” it is a pride to have that support from the University and between the two of us we have many synergies that we are going to develop ”.

In the presentation ceremony, in addition to rector and president, the interlocutors for the materialization of this agreement were present: the vice-rector for Students of the USAL, Celia Aramburu, the manager of CB Avenida, Carlos Méndez, the director of the sports service of the USAL, Vicente Rodríguez and the person in charge of the medical services of both clubs, Carlos Moreno.

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