Club Joventut Badalona and CB Prat have reached an agreement to remain linked during the 2021-22 season. It will be the seventeenth non-consecutive year – the relationship was interrupted during the 2017-18 campaign – in which the two entities join forces for a common good.

The profile of the available green-and-black players is perfectly adapted to the LEB Oro, a category reached by the Pratenses after the promotion of the previous season, which makes the project between both teams viable and possible. One of the agreed points is that the green-and-black club contributes to the coach and the number of linked and loaned players that the sports management deems appropriate in El Prat, always after having agreed with the Baix Llobregat entity.

Juanan Morales and Jordi Martí, very satisfied with the renovation

The president of the Club Joventut Badalona, ??Juanan Morales, was very satisfied with the agreement with the Prat Basketball Club: “It is the renewal of a success story for both clubs. Great players from La Peña have passed through El Prat, and the potablava They have established themselves in elite Spanish basketball thanks to their own efforts, and also to the talent they have had at their disposal. There are many players that we consider that during their training they have to go through this stage, so we are very happy to continue with the bonding and we hope it will be for many years to come. “

For his part, the Badalonese sports director, Jordi Martí, explained that the relationship is a success for both parties: “It is difficult to find a relationship with so much duration and with so many sports performance successes as ours with Prat. Both clubs are clear about what are our goals, so we have joined our paths and it has always been perfect for us to get the most out of it. ” In addition, Martí adds: “Looking ahead to next season, the LEB Oro will be a challenge, with young players on our part with a lot of talent who will compete in a demanding league, but at the same time very formative, and who will help them make a step to play in the first green-and-black team.

Arseni Conde also does not hide his satisfaction with the extension of the agreement

The president of the Prat Basketball Club tells us: “One more year and this will be the seventeenth season that we will walk together with the Peña. The road has not been easy, but I do believe that it has been positive for both entities. further afield, specifically last year, he gave us a return to the LEB Oro. Of course, this is a sign that things are being done well. This year we will face the challenge of the always complicated second state category, but we are convinced that that we can compete and please the fans, to whom we owe long after the complicated 20/21 season due to Covid “

During the previous 16 years of the agreement, 30 linked players have made their debut with the Club Joventut Badalona first team in the Endesa League. Last season, Zsombor Maronka, Yannick Kraag and Miguel Malik Allen debuted with the green-and-black box in the ACB, while they were part of the ranks of CB Prat to LEB Plata.