The best national women’s basketball in Logroño and at very affordable prices.


CD Promete brings to Logroño the 16 teams of the national women’s basketball elite that will face their first team in the regular Endesa Women’s League competition.

It is committed to very adjusted prices with the aim of facilitating access to the largest possible number of players from the quarries of La Riojan basketball clubs, their families, fans and all those who want to contribute to the support of women’s sport and the initiatives that the different sports institutions offer in La Rioja.

David Martin, general director of the club, has expressed that “we are satisfied to offer alternatives to family and youth leisure” and that “it is precious to see how girls, boys and young people compete on the fields and then enjoy their passion and the good sportsmanship of the professionals who one day also started in a schoolyard or in a club with their friends “.

On the other hand, Martín continues, “all of us who have practiced or practiced sports, we recognize that rush that brings the spirit and warmth of the stands. We have all those who wish to support us to be More team than ever and we will receive them at the Palace of Sports so that together, we continue to contribute to raising the sport of La Rioja to a well visible place “.

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