This is how the president of the FEB, Jorge Garbajosa, has exposed the facts:

JULY 8 “As you all know, Juancho was injured in the match against France in Malaga on July 8th. The diagnosis with the initial tests (radiography, MRI and CT) was Acromioclavicular Dislocation grade 4-5 in the left shoulder. The injury caused him a lot of pain and generated functional impotence. It was proposed to carry out a repair of the injury through surgical intervention and that, therefore, the player left the concentration of the Spanish National Team, which clearly shows that at all times the main priority of the FEB has been to protect his health. That same night, the FEB medical services contacted the health professionals of his team, who requested the imaging tests that had been performed on the player. They were referred to Gregg Farnam and Aaron Krych of Minnesota Timberwolves Medical Services. “

JULY 9-10 “After returning to his home in Madrid on the 9th, on July 10, the player was examined by a prestigious doctor specializing in shoulder, Dr. Emilio Calvo, head of traumatology at the Fundación Jiménez Díaz hospital, a professional who was agreed with Timberwolves medical services given the prestige of the aforementioned professional. This doctor, after reviewing the player and doing new tests, indicates that the injury has a lesser degree of affectation, being a grade 3 acromioclavicular dislocation. On that day, the Minnesota doctors were in contact with Dr. Emilio Calvo, and expressed their compliance with the new diagnosis, since they also thought that it was grade 3 from the images. Although there is no consensus in the medical literature on how to address grade 3 dislocations (conservative treatment or surgery), both Dr. Calvo as Minnesota physicians agreed that conservative treatment was best. Therefore, you are instructed to start physiotherapy early.

JULY 11-14 “The player is reviewed again by the FEB medical services. It is found that he has gained mobility and pain has decreased considerably. Begin recovery with physical therapy and functional recovery. From July 11 to July 14, the player progresses in recovery. The pain decreases, you regain strength and you gain the full range of motion. On July 12, Minnesota sends a shoulder recovery protocol with exercises that we incorporate into the work routine. On July 14, the player, together with the doctors of the Spanish Federation, goes for a review by Dr. Emilio Calvo, who values ??very positively the evolution that the player is having. He appreciates that functional recovery is well advanced despite the little time that has passed since the onset of the injury, and guidelines are given to continue the progression and fully regain function of the shoulder. Dr. Calvo makes it clear that there is no risk of further injury or further injury when the pain subsides and he returns to playing basketball, something he thinks may occur in the next 7-10 days. Thus, it authorizes the player to carry out a progressive reincorporation in his sporting activity ”.

JULY 15 “The player travels to Las Vegas with the rest of the team, a situation known and permitted by those responsible for the Minnesota Timberwolves, and follows a work plan outside the group, aimed at a complete recovery and a return to sports activity. His franchise is informed of the correct evolution of the player, and indicates that he will send a professional from the club’s medical services to Las Vegas to examine Juancho to get more information about his condition.

JULY 16-18 “A Minnesota Timberwolves physiotherapist travels to Las Vegas to see how the player works with FEB physiotherapists and physical therapists. The Minnesota physiotherapist also performs examinations and mobility exercises to check the state in which the player is, and states that clinically he sees Juancho very well, with good mobility, good muscle activation and no pain. It does not suggest making changes in the treatment, as it indicates that it is evolving very well with the therapy that is being followed. During those days, he is making some videos that he sends to the Minnesota doctors “

JULY 18 “A meeting is called in which the player, the 3 physiotherapists, the physical trainer and the doctor of the Spanish National Team, the Minnesota physiotherapist and, by videoconference, two professionals from the Minnesota medical services (the person in charge and the shoulder specialist traumatologist), in addition to the player’s agent, Igor Crespo. At the meeting, the physical therapist had the player perform exercises for Minnesota doctors to see firsthand. After the exercises, the franchise doctors congratulated the work team of the Spanish National Team because they said that the recovery was very good. They affirmed that they appreciated a complete recovery of mobility, and that they saw that he performed the exercises proposed in a natural, harmonious way, with symmetry in gestures, without mechanical or pain limitation. The Minnesota doctors indicated that the evolution had been very favorable, that they saw him almost recovered and stated that Juancho could play the games of the Olympic Games, as they answered an express question in that sense from Igor Crespo. That is, they explicitly gave him permission to return to play with the Spanish National Team in Tokyo. The Minnesota physiotherapist even gave them a protection to place on the shoulder when he went to play. In addition, the Minnesota doctors indicated that it was not necessary to carry out further check-ups until the end of the Olympic Games, summoning Juancho to meet them again in approximately one month’s time ”.

JULY 19-23 “After receiving authorization to participate in the Olympic Games, the player was included by the National Coach, Sergio Scariolo, in the final list of 12 summoned, and began his trip to Tokyo with the rest of the group, complying with all medical protocols set by the CIO and the Japanese authorities. In this period of time, the Timberwolves coach –Chris Finch- called the player, congratulated him on his recovery and expressed his joy that a player from his team attended the Olympics. In addition, the communication managers of the Timberwolves disseminated on Social Networks several images of the player in the Olympic context: an image of Ricky Rubio and Juancho Hernangómez in the official photographic session of the Olympic Games, and another of the Hernangómez Brothers during the parade of the Opening Ceremony. The latter is later in time to the writing of the General Manager of Minnesota Timberwolves, which goes to show that the entire professional structure of the club – doctors, physiotherapists, coach and Communication department – was aware that the player had been discharged and could contest the Olympic Games, and that only the business criteria of the franchise has prevented it. In parallel, in a movement that in the opinion of the FEB shows a political strategy completely unrelated to medical issues, conversations have been initiated by the Timberwolves with Juancho’s manager to study contractual issues. In view of all these events, the Spanish Basketball Federation has decided that Juancho Hernangómez, not having a medical discharge from his club, is not among the 12 players who will finally play these Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020, and that his place Xabi López-Aróstegui occupies it.