The Balearic representative had everything against him to be able to force the third meeting of his series, but if something was clear on the floor of They are Moix is that, for him Palmer Mediterranean Soul there seems to be no impossible this course.

This was demonstrated by the players of the insular team on a night in which the Breogán River could not cope with the good work of an outside line that seems to be going through its best moment of form of the season. Why so much Kristian Kullamae (Palmer Mediterranean Soul) to the two, like Ronnie Harrell Jr. (Palmer Mediterranean Soul) to three, they were the motors of the team in its fight for victory (88-81).

A duel in which both signed 26 valuation goals with 24 points (6/6 TL and 7/14 TC), 2 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 recoveries and 5 fouls received for Estonian and 17 points (4/6 TL and 6/15 TC), 13 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 recoveries and 4 fouls received for the North American.

Numbers that will take the series back to Lugo this Saturday where the Balearic Islands will once again opt for a qualification for the semifinals that would go through a more than complicated victory at the Pazo. Although, this time, the team really knows how to defeat their rival.

Anecdotal section:

It seems to be clear, after the dispute of the last day, that Ronnie Harrell (Palmer Mediterranean Soul) This year he has subscribed to the conquest of some non-traditional MVPs. And, if on this occasion, his award has come in such an unusual way as having to share it with a teammate, his latest precedent was even more surprising. And it is that, in the course of Day 14, Harrell conquered the MVP in deferred with the game postponed to his team. An award that came two weeks later after starring in a great meeting in Castelló (read report).

The quintet of the day in the LEB Oro:

It was without a doubt the great meeting of the day since, on the Son Moix track, we were able to find three of the five members of the ideal quintet. A clash that was decided in added time and in which both teams shared the limelight on the different lines. In the case of the Balearic Islands dominating the outside game with Kristian Kullamae (Palmer Mediterranean Soul) shining at two and Ronnie Harrel Jr. (Palmer Mediterranean Soul) rising to three and, in that of the people of Lugo, with Kevin Larsen (Breogán River) getting oil in the inner game.

In this way, the Balearic meeting left only two vacancies in a five that was completed with the great role of the point guard. Álex Hernández (Real Murcia Bto) to force the third of his series as he did in Alicante a Álex Galán (HLA Alicante) in a great moment of form.

Base: Álex Hernández (Real Murcia Bto) 16 val: 14 points (12/14 TL), 2 rebounds, 4 assists and 5 fouls received.
Shooting guard: Kristian Kullamae (Palmer Mediterranean Soul) 26 val: 24 points (6/6 TL and 7/14 TC), 2 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 recoveries and 5 fouls received.
Eaves: Ronnie Harrell Jr. (Palmer Mediterranean Soul) 26 val: 17 points (4/6 TL and 6/15 TC), 13 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 recoveries and 4 fouls received.
Power-Wing: Álex Galán (HLA Alicante) 28 val: 22 points (2/5 TL and 10/10 TC), 10 rebounds and 5 fouls received.
Pivot: Kevin Larsen (Breogán River) 20 val: 12 points (4/6 TL and 4/4 TC), 7 rebounds and 4 fouls received

Season statistics
– Kristian Kullamae:

Played games: 29
Minutes: 30.47 pp
Points: 16.3 pp
Rebounds: 3.4 pp
Assists: 2.3 pp
Recoveries: 1.6 pp
Caps: 0.1 pp
Fouls received: 3.3 pp
Rating: 12.8 pp

Season statistics
– Ronnie Harrell Jr:

Played games: 29
Minutes: 30.40 pp
Points: 16.2 pp
Rebounds: 5.4 pp
Assists: 1.5 pp
Recoveries: 1.8 pp
Caps: 0.1 pp
Fouls received: 4 pp
Rating: 15 pp

Sports career
– Kristian Kullamae:

Training: Audantes Noortekoondis (Estonia)
2014/16: Audantes Noortekoondis (Estonia)
2016/18: Rockets Gotha (ProA – Germany)
2018/19: Baunach Young Pikes (ProA – Germany)
2019/20: ZTE Real Canoe (LEB Gold)
2020/21: San Pablo Burgos (Endesa League)
2020/21: Palmer Mediterranean Soul (LEB Gold)

Sports career
– Ronnie Harrell Jr:

Training: Denver East High School (USA)
2015/18: Creighton Bluejai (NCAA – USA)
2018/19: Denver Pionners (NCAA – USA)
2019/20: CSA Steaua Bucharesti (Romania)
2019/20: BBC Etzella (Luxembourg)
2020/21: Palmer Mediterranean Soul (LEB Gold)