One month before the start of the preseason, Tenerife continues to outline its project for next season after a summer that, in the words of its coach, Claudio García, has been “very difficult, with the uncertainty of not knowing where you are going to compete and with the difficulty, therefore, of being able to close operations”. In this sense, the Tenerife coach points out that the wait to find out if the purple club continued in the Endesa Women’s League was “an agony”, given that “you think about things, you see options, you work on other aspects… but you cannot advance anything with certainty ”.

Despite having their sights set on what will be the club’s fourth consecutive campaign in the highest category of national women’s basketball, the memory of what happened last year still continues. “From the beginning things happened that were not normal. We do not want to justify anything because it is clear that we made mistakes, but there were many other issues that hurt us”, says García. Among them, the fact that “two weeks before the start of the season a player leaves the team for personal reasons, another joins later to play in the WNBA finals, injuries that made it difficult for us to put the whole team together, escape of two players while day in salaries and without notifying the club…”

Despite all this, “we recovered and continued fighting until the end”, in a year that turned out to be “an intensive course in many things, not only negative but also positive. It is not easy to recover a group 2-3 times in the same season or reinvent ourselves so many times to continue fighting”, something for which it was essential “to have a technical staff that was key” and “the work and involvement of the players linked of the Primera Autonómica team, to whom we are tremendously grateful for their commitment”.

Personally, García does not hide that “it was a very hard year. There was a moment when I understood that it was necessary to step aside, isolate myself and disconnect, because things look different from the outside and there are issues that do not depend on anyone in particular”, concluding that “in the end I came back because the club he needed me and I couldn’t let him down; We had to try to get the season out the way it was and we tried until the end”.

Looking ahead to the new campaign, and despite the fact that “we still have many negotiations to close”, the purple coach values ??the continuity of Esther Montenegro, Gaby Ocete and Kris Raksanyi, who are “practically from the house and it was very easy to reach an agreement with them”, since “they had promised to continue with us regardless of the category we were in and that is appreciated”.

With these renewals, the signings of Terezia Palenikova and Aisha Sheppard (“two players we have been following for a long time”) and the additions that remain to be confirmed, the objective for this year will be “learn from the mistakes we have made and continue to grow . We really want to start again and compete again like we did the previous two seasons”, being crucial for this “to be a team, to be together and try to go all in the same line”.

All this will allow the purple club “to give a good image to recover our fans and return the joys to which they were accustomed, but being clear that the most important thing is to achieve permanence in an increasingly tough league”. In addition, Claudio García is clear that “institutionally we have to continue growing, improving infrastructure and developing our social aspect. We are a young club and little by little we are improving, but the professionalization of the Endesa Women’s League forces us to have to continue growing day by day in all aspects”.