One more year, Real Valladolid Baloncesto will continue to have two fundamental supporters: Clínica Sur and Grupo Aspasia. And they will go hand in hand again. This Tuesday morning the agreement between the Club and both entities was presented by which they will name the Blanquivioleta subsidiary: the Clínica Sur-Aspasia Real Valladolid Basketball of First National.

For this reason, the Vice President of the Club, Alejandro García Pellitero, opened the appearance and showed the importance of having these two companies for Real Valladolid Basketball. “Both Clínica Sur and Grupo Aspasia have been working and supporting us as sponsors and managers for many years, being a fundamental part of our day to day. They are Valladolid, but with national and even international projection. They export value and the name of the city outside of the province and we carry it with pride in all our teams ”.

On the part of Clínica Sur, Ignacio Pereda extended his thanks and the importance of reinforcing the link that has already existed for several years. “It is a very positive routine to be here every beginning of the season to present our alliance. This year we maintain our commitment to Valladolid, with sport and with the base categories, as we have always shown. We wanted to maintain our support at all levels and we are very grateful to the Club for allowing it, and also to Grupo Aspasia for being able to go hand in hand. We are once again putting our two cents in a Real Valladolid Basketball that is getting bigger and bigger, “he declared.

Finally, Ramón Zayas, representative of Grupo Aspasia, showed the satisfaction of one of the Blanquivioleta pillars for continuing one more year. “It is an honor and we love to continue contributing. It is the seventh year, all since the founding of the Club, and we have the news of the creation of the Grada Clínica Sur-Aspasia. It gives us the possibility of promoting and disseminating basketball in our city because we will be able to distribute fertilizers to our clients and workers, in order to make the team known and enjoy it ”, he concluded.

Unbeatable starting point

“The initial atmosphere is positive. The coaches and the coaching staff have made us all feel good from the start. I think that in addition to being a talented group we have a fantastic mindset and work ethic to improve. Everything is part of a process and it is very nice to know that you can count on your colleagues for whatever it is, ”said Jordy Kuiper in his first speech.

Asked about what he can contribute to Roberto González, the ’32’ blanquivioleta is clear: variants and leadership. “I am a versatile player, capable of playing close to the basket, but also with a good three-point shot. In defense I am very vocal and I try to help my teammates to get settled, to be active and, also, from my experience I have played in different countries, so I have that positive mix to contribute to the system ”, he acknowledged.

Despite the setbacks in the preseason, the Dutch player explains the improvement he is seeing at UEMC Real Valladolid Baloncesto. “We all want to always win, but the objective of the preparation is to take steps forward without stopping, to see our work in training and to maintain that progression. The results will come on their own when we put all the pieces together. We are not concerned about the games now, it is a long-term process, ”admitted Jordy Kuiper.

Finally, the power forward from Groningen explained the reasons that brought him to Pisuerga. “I played a year in Cáceres, in the LEB Oro, and I really liked the competition and the style here. I’m doing well for my game. When I spoke with Pepe Catalina and Roberto González, they gave me very good feelings and we shared an important vision. In addition, other colleagues and my friend Joey van Zegeren spoke highly of the institution and the city, something that I confirmed upon arrival. I am delighted, “he concluded.

With potential and room for improvement

“I am happy since I have arrived and I already feel this Club as my home. From the first moment everyone has opened their arms to me and they have given me a great welcome. Both the players and the coaching staff and coaches, as well as Pepe Catalina, have generated a very positive atmosphere. There is a lot of communication and everything starts in the best way ”, acknowledged Sylvester Berg in his first speech.

The player himself, who defines himself as a “big forward”, talks about what he can contribute to the UEMC Real Valladolid Baloncesto. “I can run the court, I am capable of playing on the inside and threatening on the outside. I like to defend and I am good at it, which is important because it will be our hallmark and the main factor of the team. We are a physical and large group, capable of changing back and sacrificing “, explained Pucela’s ’13’.

In addition, for the international with Denmark, the Blanquivioleta preseason is on the right track. “We have no doubt that we are on the right track. This is a long process and all the players are positive. We have potential, we are not a candidate team, but I think we are going to be at the top and we are going to do things well because we are working hard and well ”, he concluded.