Arturo Álvarez, coach of the purple team, wanted to say goodbye, taking advantage of the post-match press conference of all the fans, the team and the club and thus abandons the purple discipline after this atypical season.

“I want to take advantage of this press conference to thank the city for its treatment, for making me feel like one more Palencia, the fans, for supporting me in good times and bad, the club that have made me feel like family. To the players for having been there every day, my staff who have been through the bad and the good times, to the press, for their exquisite treatment of me despite the defeats. In short, I have already become one more fan of Palencia Basketball “ Alvarez affirmed.

At the press conference, he was accompanied by all his technical staff, as well as the president of the club, Gonzalo Ibáñez, and the vice president, Fernando Martínez-Zulaica, who also wanted to dedicate a few words to the Asturian.

“From the club we want to thank him for the professional work he has done all season in such a complicated and difficult year. On a personal level a 10, with an impressive human quality and you know that here at Palencia Basketball you leave some friends “ affirmed the president.

“I insist on what Gonzalo has said, it has been a strange year, Arturo we know that you have worked as hard as possible, I do not know why things have not turned out because there has been a good atmosphere and effort and sometimes things are like that. You already know that you have us here and we wish you good luck in the future ” ended the vice president, Fernando Martínez-Zulaica.