The Zaragoza coach wanted to “thank the Club for their trust. This seems like a cliché, in this case it is not. I feel very fortunate to belong to Basket Zaragoza, I know that the trust they have shown in me throughout such a complex and difficult season is exceptional (almost a unique case), “and he concluded by stating that” Basket Zaragoza is my home, whether inside or outside the organization ”, he concluded.

In this sense, the sports director of Casademont Zaragoza, Pep Cargol, also wanted to convey his gratitude to the Aragonese coach “for the commitment, work and dedication of Carlos Iglesias and all his technical staff during this difficult and complicated season. Carlos is and will be part of the Casademont Basket Zaragoza family and at the same time we wish him the best in his future ”, he concluded.