“As always, wearing this shirt means you have to be at your best. We are representing a country and one of the best teams in the world, and that carries with it a responsibility”.

“We really want to play, to do well, to represent Spain like we’ve been doing lately and hopefully with the same result”.

“Ukraine is a very tough team. Already in the previous Windows we faced them and in their house we lost. He is a very tough opponent, very physical. It’s going to cost us, we’ll have to be at our best to beat them because they know how to do things well”.

“That the tickets for the match were sold out in a few hours is good news. The fans are eager, many have written messages on Twitter wanting us to be here. Already in the previous Windows we had a very good entry and here it will be similar. And it is always a luxury, especially remembering some Windows that we had without an audience, decaffeinated for everyone. That there is an audience and they can enjoy with us is something very nice”.

“The chemistry here is always very good. In the end it’s called La Familia because in reality you feel that way, even newcomers feel that way from the beginning, it’s what we veterans try to do. It is the law of life, the years go by, new people have to be added, and luckily Spain has a very good base and I am sure that in addition to the present, I am sure that the future will also be very good”.

“Being the captain of the Spanish National Team is something that if they tell you as a child it is hard to believe. It is also a responsibility, trying to transmit everything that I can help young people from within, from experience. Luckily, all my stages in the National Team have been very good and I hope it continues like this”.